Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Last month's collision of a bicycle and an unmarked police car in a Baker City intersection should serve as a reminder to cyclists of the potential danger inherent in sharing streets with 3,000-pound vehicles.

First, Oregon law requires bicyclists to comply with stop signs and other traffic signals just as drivers must do.

Ignoring a stop sign is a bad idea regardless of your mode of transportation, of course.

But your chances of getting hurt when you dart into an intersection are

exponentially higher if you're pedaling rather than driving.

Second, although state law mandates helmets for bicyclists 16 and

younger, your head doesn't become crash-proof when you turn 17.

All bicyclists should wear a helmet.

These precautions are equally relevant for people who get around on skateboards, scooters and inline skates.

Fortunately, last month's accident turned out far better than it might have.

The 17-year-old bicyclist, Tyler Arthur, was released from a Boise hospital two days later.

We hope his unpleasant experience helps to prevent other possible tragedies.