Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

GOP locks up the 2010 election

To the editor:

The GOP already has the 2012 presidential election in the bag and so, for them, the coming election squabble is over which of their candidates shall retire Mr. Obama and himself lead us deeper into aromatic pucky creek. This is only my opinion, not my desire, please understand.

ALEC is the acronym for the treasonous organization steering the

GOP/corporate conspiracy presently out to destroy American democracy,

among other goals. ALEC strategies believe the GOP, to win, needs a

mere 5 million voters, in the right states, to be denied to vote. They

mean voters who would vote against the GOP candidates if they were

permitted to vote.

One way to deny them the vote, they figure, is to get GOP-dominated

state governments to pass laws requiring voter ID cards. No card, no

voting. This rather small pressure dissuades Democrat-leaning

low-income voters rather more than low-income GOP voters from bothering

to obtain one. Thirty-one states now have this antidemocratic voter ID


Many times more than 5 million citizens now lack the card and thus can

be denied to vote. That's why I say it's in the bag. Worse, some of

these states require a photo ID, which reasonably enough scares away

many who otherwise would like to vote. And some states even charge for

the cards, which besides heading off many more, amounts to a Jim Crow

poll tax, which we once thought ourselves better than.

Thus, besides winning the 2012 presidential election they have also

deeply damaged American democracy rather permanently. It will take

years, if ever, to reverse these mean stupidities achieved in a few

months of successful conspiring. I fear they have taken us beyond the

remedying by peaceful democratic parliamentary means.

Dan Martin

Baker City