Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Demonstrators represent most

To the editor:

We are engaged in a morality struggle not greatly unlike that of the Civil War. Today the issue is: shall a few people - a minority class having a vested interest in preserving an obsolete economic system that never again will sustain the well-being of our majority class - prevent that majority from moving to a new system?

Morality won't decide it. Because that minority is willing that the

American majority shall henceforth live in third world poverty rather

than they should give up their collapsed system.

The majority class, that's us, apparently does not yet see it as a

struggle over system change, although they are at last beginning to see

it as class war. The immediate issue to them is jobs. There are no

longer enough jobs. The corporatists caused this by first going to

automation to cut the workforce. Next they shipped their plants


We need a new system. We need our own onshore plants. And the jobs need

to pay enough to live on. In resolving the jobs problem in a humanistic

way they will, without making a lot of ideological noise, create a new

system because this way eliminates much of the profit which was both

the purpose and identifying character of the old system. Best of all,

everyone now has a livelihood and the nation again has social and

economic stability and a tolerate future.

What is the slaver class doing now? For one thing they're busy

destroying democracy so we can't make it happen peaceably. They're

doing this with voter ID, with court rulings permitting corporations to

dump unlimited money into real peoples' political struggles, by busting

what are left of the unions.

You don't suppose this has any connection with those ongoing occupy

demonstrations? Indeed it does. If the demonstrators' aims seem not

quite clear it's because the problems that brought them out are so many

and so huge for unorganized citizens to be readily clear about. But you

can be sure they are about the same matters I have written about here.

If you're not a millionaire, they're demonstrating for you.

Dan Martin

Baker City