Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Tea Party has wider appeal

To the editor:

In a recent letter, Dan Martin tells us that "If you're not a millionaire, they (the Occupy protesters) are demonstrating for you." But I think that most ofus here in Baker County would find that we have much more in common with another group of protesters, the Tea Party activists. TheOccupy WallStreet protesters and the other Occupy people all over the UnitedStates want to totally eliminate our current "obsolete economic system"and then "create a new system." But the system they advocate is not a new one at all; it isSocialism, which would enlarge the role of government in our lives. The Tea Party movement, on the other hand, seeks to reduce the size of our government, and bring to a halt the orgy of overspending which the federal government has been doing since early in 2009. A larger government on one hand, a smaller one on the other.

Which option do you prefer?

I think we would also feel more comfortable with the tactics of the

latter group. The Occupy people engage in confrontations with the

police, the occasional destruction of private property, and they occupy

public parks illegally for weeks at a time with their camps. The Tea

Party activists, in their rallies, listen quietly to their speakers and

then disperse, taking with them all of their trash. Which group would

you rather be a part of?

The Occupy protesters like to claim, "We are the 99 percent." But the

election of 2010 showed that the Tea Party protesters have a better

understanding of how Americans view their government. The Occupy people

are out of step with the majority of citizens in this country.

Pete Sundin

Baker City

Self-defense is a human right

To the editor:

The 5J School District's November newsletter, which many of us received

in the mail this past week, contained an article entitled "Weapons"

which caught my eye. The article causes me concern mainly because of

one sentence: "Some folks feel they need to be able to defend


This article, the only one that doesn't credit an author, has to do

with the 5J weapons policy. As this is the superintendent's newsletter,

this must therefore reflect his opinions.

"Defending yourself" is a fundamental rule of nature, and everyone's

right! How feeble is the mind to accept defenselessness. How unnatural,

cowardly and pathetic. Man is obligated to secure his own protection by

every means possible. It is the law of nature and a moral obligation

and hallmark of a virtuous citizen.

Some folks feel the need to depend on someone else to defend their

rights of life and liberty. To those individuals I would remind them of

Benjamin Franklin's words:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Library nor Safety."

Ray Merritt

Baker City

Good bird hunting out there

To the editor:

Good news for all Eastern Oregon bird hunters. Knowing where to go

makes a huge difference in your upland bird limit being filled or at

least wild game for your fry pan.

Pheasant numbers are below average, but Keating, Richland areas have

birds, as well as chukar, huns and quail. Certainly you need to ask

permission to hunt private land and having respect for fences, gates

and livestock, not to mention carry out all your litter, insures you

welcome among ranchers. Leave it better when you leave.

Also, public sagelands with hilly or rocky ground holds huns and chukar

and quail in both Baker and Union counties. Ladd Marsh near La Grande

on Foothill Road is also open to the public, with planted ringnecks and

some jump shots at waterfowl.

Good hunting, and be safe. A shotgun is a very dangerous weapon, you really can't be too careful.

Jim Smeraglio

Baker City