Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Will voters reign in Washington?

To the editor:

President Obama is hardly the poster child for income inequality that Marshall McComb makes him out to be. As an avid practitioner of crony capitalism, the president is a big part of the problem. In 2008, Wall Street donated far more generously to his election campaign than they did to Senator McCain's, and they have been cashing in their chips ever since. Just count how many former Wall Street executives are part of the president's administration.

Besides, the issue in this year's election is not going to change to income inequality; it will remain massive overspending by the federal government. For years, Washington,

D.C., has been the home of spendthrifts, but in 2009, the money spigots were turned on full blast. We are well on a course where we add another trillion dollars to the national debt every year or two.

So in November, voters will decide: do we continue on the present course until our financial situation resembles that of Greece, or do we begin to apply a little financial discipline to our federal government?

Pete Sundin

Baker City