Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

It's about time the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) recognized that winter, and never mind the calendar, doesn't end on March 20.

Or, more to the point regarding the state's studded tire removal deadline, on April 1.

Frankly we figured ODOT wouldn't need to be reminded of this discrepancy, considering the agency's employees are out there plowing the passes during "spring" storms.

Oregon's official deadline for removing studded tires is, as we mentioned, April Fool's Day.

Well, ODOT has been fooled in four of the past five years. In each of those four years, the agency extended the deadline, to as late as April 11, because wintry weather persisted in the mountains.

The solution is obvious.

Reset the deadline to April 15.

Blizzards can happen later than that, but the chances drop considerably after April 15.

Besides which, that date has the great advantage of already ranking as a deadline of such power that it's practically a national holiday (albeit not an especially popular one).

Taxes done? Check.

Studs off? Ditto.