Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

The high cost of cap-and-trade

To the editor:

Those defending the Democratic Energy Policy like to trot out that shabby old scarecrow Catastrophic Climate Change. The theory is somewhat shopworn since released emails showed more politics than science in its product, but let's carry that scenario out and see where takes us.

The Democratic Energy Policy has two prongs: increasing the use of renewable energy sources and decreasing the use of fossil fuels. The latter goal is met through a program called cap-and-trade.

Now our national economy depends upon relatively inexpensive energy to run smoothly. Every time that there has been a sharp uptick in energy prices, we have gone into a recession, which ends only when energy prices come back down. But presidential candidate Obama said in 2008 that under his cap-and-trade program, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket. This would be no temporary price increase; the increase would be permanent by design. Our national economy would take a severe hit.

But how much would cap-and-trade decrease that dreaded rise in world temperatures? If it is fully implemented, after 50 years, worldwide temperatures would be a little less that 1/10 of a degree lower than they would be otherwise. Renewable energy costs much more than that from conventional sources, but that cost pales against the horrendous cost of cap -and-trade. Severe economic pain for 50 years for a pathetically small gain.

Why such an insignificant difference in temperatures? Because China, India, Brazil and other developing nations are not about to hamstring their economies with cap-and-trade. If we use less fossil fuels, that's all the more that's available for them to use.

The world has become warmer over the past 100 years, but there have been times in the past when the world was even warmer than now. So we know from history what a warmer earth is like, and it did not at all resemble what the climate change alarmists would have us believe. They have yet to give an adequate answer to this question: If a warmer earth will end civilization as we know it, why do historians call the warmest periods in human history "Climatic Optimums?"

Pete Sundin

Baker City

Saying thanks to an honest person

To the editor:

My family and I just wanted to take the time to thank a young man who took time out of his day to stop and gather my checkbook out of the road last week. Chris Colnut, your kindness and honesty will always be remembered.

Thank you.

Camie Painter

Baker City