Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Bogart has my vote for Justice of Peace

To the editor:

Steve Bogart has my vote for Justice Court Judge.

Steve is the best man for Justice Court Judge. His experience is vast. Steve has served on State Boards, Baker County Judge in the nineties, City Manager. During his tenure as Judge Bogart, he and the other County Commissioners put into place Resolution 94 1003 that recognizes RS 2477 roads under County authority.

With the problems Baker County is presently having with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management over closing roads we should be thankful, then Judge Bogart and his fellow County Commissioners had the foresight to sign a Resolution that would protect our roads.

The residents of Baker County are fortunate Steve and his lovely wife Connie live in Baker County and make Baker City their home. Steve Bogart brings with him his vast, experience, and integrity, to the position of Judge in the Baker County Justice Court. Steve has my vote.

Terry Drever Gee

Baker City

Disappointed by recall effort

To the editor:

I am extremely disappointed that citizens in our community are attacking members of the Baker School Board with a recall.

A recall election costs us taxpayers dollars and generates ill will.

Our school board members are dedicated volunteers, representing us in the democratic process.

If we support a frivolous recall, who will volunteer to be on the board next time?

Those who are so quick to judge our board members should instead support the democratic process by attending school board meetings and providing input to those who serve us.

Kata Bulinski

Baker City

Downing has the drive to serve

To the editor:

Our family has been in this area for 19 years and has been fortunate to know and be involved with three generations of Mike Downing's family. Mike has inherited their superb traits of being community and service minded and is genuinely involved in the security, safety and well being of our community members. Mike continually exhibits an enthusiasm of hard work. He is a man of his word who is very well organized and punctual, always going out of his way to serve anyone in need.

Not only does Mike physically care for the people of the area, he knows and understands the laws that govern them. He has taken many opportunities to be involved with our emergency services and court system which has educated him for this position. His comprehension and ability to use current technology will constantly keep him ahead of the game.

Mike is a family man, deeply rooted in this community and has its people's best interest at heart. Having been employed and involved in various positions with our area youth he recognizes their ups and downs. He has dealt rationally, evenhanded and justly with them.

Mike is not a new face; he is a younger one with ambition and a firm, committed drive to move forward with integrity. Please seriously consider Mike Downing for the position of Justice of the Peace.

Roy and Mary Ellen Anderson

Baker City

Downing always honest, fair

To the editor:

As the time of elections comes upon us once again, we are all faced with many important decisions to make. There are always a number of people with hopes and dreams to do their part in making a difference in a community. They are putting their best foot forward to convince the public that they are the person for the job, the one that can make a difference.

As a member of the local community and a personal friend of one individual running for Justice of the Peace, I would like to throw my two cents in for Mike Downing. He has been a close friend of mine for a number of years and it's hard to sum this man up in a few short words.

For as long as I've known him, Mike has always been a friend to everybody he meets. Never once have I seen him belittle or treat another person unfairly. From his younger years and continuing on to the present, I have met few people who are as honest and firm on values, integrity and fairness as Mike is. I have yet to see him turn down an opportunity to serve in his community. With selfless humility, he has always donated his time and talents to help better an event or organization with a smile on his face and ask nothing in return.

Mike is a model husband and father whose life revolves around his family. His roots are buried firmly into values that strengthen the home and will bring the same dedication and effort to the title of Justice of the Peace. Mike, like many of us, has grown up in Baker. This is his home and he will put all his cards on the table to make it all that it possibly can.

If you can value work, dedication, honesty and integrity in yourself, your home, and in your community, you can certainly value Mike Downing fulfilling his duties if elected to Justice of the Peace.

Quinn Anderson

Baker City

Coles understands the whole county

To the editor:

Of the seven candidates running for the Justice of Peace position, I only personally know one of them, Roger Coles. Steve Bogart's name is familiar and that is it. I had no idea who Don Williams was until this upcoming election. His previous work experience and being a pro-tem is his calling card, but I don't feel that this is all that people should look at.

Knowledge of the law or the willingness and ability to learn the law is definitely a requirement, but I feel that probably all seven candidates have that attribute.

My question is how much do the candidates know about the specific community lifestyle or the people that choose to live in a rural community. People who live in Halfway, Richland, Haines, Keating and Huntington have different lifestyles than those who live in Baker City. This remark is not meant to sound like Baker City people have superior qualities to those of the small surrounding communities, just different lifestyles. I feel that a candidate has to have experience dealing with people in not only Baker City but the outlying areas. I feel that the judge needs to know the people and be a spokesman for the people. There is only one candidate that I am familiar with who has that quality and that is Roger Coles. With many years in his funeral home business, Roger has crossed paths with many of you. Those who have met him know he is compassionate, considerate and professional. If you have had the good fortune to not have firsthand knowledge, I am sure you have witnessed this at a funeral he has directed.

I think Roger Coles is a people person. He knows people and how their personalities come to play in certain situations. This is helpful in making a determination in the type of judgment that needs to be made. In respect to Judge, Roger is well qualified for the position and has the knowledge of all types of personalities and characteristics populating the county which enables him to treat each situation in a fair and equal way. Vote Roger Coles for Justice of the Peace.

Ronda Dillman


Fellow judge endorses Williams

To the editor:

I have been a lawyer in Baker City for almost 17 years. I am endorsing Don Williams as the next Baker County Justice of the Peace.

I met Don early on in my legal practice when he was with the Department of Human Services. In that capacity he had a lot of courtroom experience. He understands the legal process and the need to be fair to all parties.

Don was appointed Justice of the Peace Pro-Tem when I was. I have had a chance to watch him in action and I think he does a remarkable job as J.P. His life and work experience make him fair and thoughtful to all parties. He has all of the necessary qualities a community needs in a J.P.

Please join me in electing Don Williams the next Baker County Justice of the Peace.

Damien Yervasi

Baker City

Duman's talents suited to judgeship

To the editor:

Over the past 11 years I've come to know the many talents of Gail Duman.

She is an active advocate of Baker City, and has proven to be an honest, hardworking, dependable and fair person with her numerous elections and appointsments to the City Council and other responsible positions. She has also been one of the leading downtown business owners for 12 years, working closely with Historic Baker City.

In all things, her focus on what's good for the community and the people who call it home. Keeping this in mind, please vote for Gail Duman for Justice of the Peace.

Mary Stiglich

Baker City