Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Crowded out at graduation

My husband and I were at the graduation last Sunday to see a few of our friends graduate.

We were seated in the wheelchair area of the stadium because of our disabilities. The ceremony started, and I rolled my walker closer to get a good photo of one of our friends graduating. By this time everyone coming in decided to make the wheelchair area their home. We couldn't move and we couldn't see because they were standing all around. I yelled, "everyone that is not wheelchair please leave." Some took the hint One guy had a wheelchair mom there and was going to leave. I said, "no, you're with her." Asked these other people if they had family there and they said, out on the field, they were graduating. I asked them to leave and find a seat elsewhere and they refused and were quite obstinate about it. They were not going to leave at all. It ruined our day there and my husband came home with a terrible backache because he had to stand the entire introduction of the graduates. We never got to see the graduation, we left early and felt violated by these people. Part of me wants them to experience the same grief they caused us, but another part of me hopes no one would put them through being violated as we were.

I do think that the school should have someone to regulate the area seating so it's fair for everyone.

Tammy Hadley

Baker City

Nice gesture at cemetery

I want to express my thanks to who ever placed the small bouquets of baby breath on each small grave in the Baby Hearts at the cemetery. How thoughtful and caring.

Adele Ragsdale

Baker City