Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Remembering a great friend, and my friend, Jack Pittman

I am proud to have called Jack Pittman a friend. I wish I could say a few words at his memorial service, but while some people can talk about a good friend after his passing and not get all choked up, I'm not one of them.

I first met Jack years ago, when I worked at the Senior Center and volunteers from his church would come once a month to help serve lunch. Right before lunch is served, one of the volunteers asks the Lord to bless the food, diners and volunteers. A lot of people do a real nice job, but Jack spoke to Jesus like he was talking to an old and trusted friend. His heartfelt words always had a big impact on me. And it wasn't just words, because Jack lived life just like he spoke. Jack was the most religious man I've ever known, but he never flaunted his beliefs or looked down on someone who might not have his degree of faith. Jack was a role model, although I doubt he thought of himself that way. He was just being the good man he was.

When Jack would see me, he usually said "How are you, you good looking rascal?" It often made me doubt his eyesight, but never his sincerity. He talked to everyone like they were the most important person in his world, and I believe Jack honestly felt that way about each and every person he ever visited.

When I decided to be baptized, I couldn't imagine asking anyone else to baptize me. I think it caught him by surprise and there was a slight pause. I was afraid he would refuse, but I shouldn't have worried. I don't think Jack could refuse any service to his Lord or to a friend.

Knowing Jack, he got a job greeting new arrivals into Heaven. He has such a way of making everyone feel welcome, he's a natural.

This isn't goodbye my friend, just until we meet again.

Jim Thomas

Baker City