Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Pro-choice only goes so far

There are many politicians (you'll find them in both parties) who like to say that they're "pro-choice." But when you look into their claims, you'll learn that choice is only in one area of life - abortion. For the rest of life, they like to make our choices for us. Their rationale? Life is so complicated nowadays that we average citizens are incapable of making intelligent decisions for ourselves.

One particularly striking example of this tendency has been in the news lately - Obamacare. Employers no longer can offer their employees several health insurance options and allow the employees to choose the one best for them. Now, employers can offer only the government-approved plan, no others. They have no choice.

Catholic charitable institutions have learned that they must offer their employees all of the government-approved plan, even if they have moral objections to some of the coverage contained. They have no choice.

Many small businesses are finding the government-approved plan too expensive, more than they can afford. So they are dropping health care insurance for their employees. If they want to remain competitive, they have no choice.

Colleges and universities have long offered their students low-cost, no-frills health coverage. Now they must offer only the government-approved plan, and so the cost to students has risen significantly. The schools have no choice.

If you have no insurance through your employer, you must buy the government-approved plan. Here you do have a choice, buy the expensive plan or pay a fine - some choice!

There are usually several options for treating medical conditions; before Obamacare, doctors have been able to decide which treatment is best for each patient. But under Obamacare, a government board will decide which option will be government-approved. Once that's in place, your doctor can only use the approved treatment. He will have no choice.

The bill establishing Obamacare ran to over 2,000 pages. No doubt in the future we will learn other instances where our health care choices have been made for us by those "pro-choice" politicians.

Maybe it's time to retire some of those "pro-choice" politicians!

Peter Sundin

Baker City