Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Don't close roads - downsize the Forest Service instead

I am a Baker County resident and love our forests. I along with many of my friends are in the forest and mountains sometimes several times a week. I've watched the Forest Service close many of the roads we used to enjoy. The Forest Service wants to keep a few people happy, environmentalists, that threaten to sue for everything. About half of the forest is already wilderness area. Let them take their walks and enjoy that part of the forest. Compromise has already been made. For the rest of us, which I believe is the majority, don't close anything.

The loggers can no longer log, half the forest is wilderness and many of the roads already closed. I think that a good solution to the whole problem is get rid of 80 percent of the U.S. Forest Service and put the extra money into things that are really needed such as schools and other projects.

Bob McKean

Baker City

Regardless of contest results, Baker City is a winner

As we await the results of this year's Best of the Road contest, I already know that Baker City is the winner. Timothy Bishop orchestrated a spectacular show of our beautiful town for the judges and attendant Travel Channel/CBS TV crew. With only a one-day official visit, he managed to showcase our ranching heritage, our arts community, and other towns in Baker County, as well as the Baker City Historic District, heart of Baker County. Please join me in thanking Timothy for job well done!

I'm proud to have been a small part of this community effort in service on the planning committee. Every citizen should share that pride. It doesn't matter who is announced as the winner on Tuesday. We are all winners here and should congratulate each other on our beautiful small town!

Barbara Sidway

Baker City