Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

We hadn't, at this writing, had a chance to interview Kevin Martin, who replaces Monica Schwalbach as head of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest.

We're eager to hear his answer to one question in particular: "Do you know what you're getting into?"

Martin faces the difficult task of trying to balance an edict from Washington, D.C., to restrict motor vehicle use on national forests, with widespread opposition among local residents to banning vehicles from any more roads on the Wallowa-Whitman.

Although Martin is familiar with the region - he's been supervisor of the neighboring Umatilla National Forest for eight years - his experience with travel management there was quite different. The Umatilla has limited motor vehicle travel to designated roads and trails since the early 1990s, so the forest didn't have to make major changes to comply with the national Travel Management Rule. The Wallowa-Whitman, by contrast, is an "open" forest - meaning motor vehicles are allowed in most places unless specifically prohibited (as in wilderness areas).

Nonetheless, we believe a reasonable (though still controversial) compromise can be forged.

In particular, we recommend Martin look closely at the proposal that combines ideas from elected officials in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties. It would close less than half as many roads as were included in Schwalbach's vastly unpopular plan.