Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Fixing Resort Street would benefit the city

Interesting comments regarding the Resort Street plan. Stunningly obvious was the comment that the Herald believes that the "city can spend the money on other projects that have a greater benefit to a larger number of city residents." By "starting to reverse the decade-long downward trend in the condition of city streets." What part of Resort is a not a "city street?" And what part of Resort is not used by a large number of residents?

Much more to the point, where on Resort Street is in good condition? The city at this very moment is working on the streets insuring that they are in good condition for a large number of residents. Yes, interesting comments.

Kate Dimon

Baker City

Recalling board members would be slap in face

I was encouraged by and agree with the Herald's editorial indicating that our schools are providing our students with a quality education and the rancor among board members has not affected school district operation. I do not agree that no harm will result regardless of the outcome of a recall election.

Consider this scenario: The recall is successful and Lynne Burroughs and Mark Henderson are removed from the board. By a 2 to 1 vote, Andrew Bryan dissenting, Kyle Knight is elected board chairman. This is a young man who spent his first year: 1) intimating that board member Bryan had a financial interest in the disposal of the old high school building; 2) promoting an armed faculty while opposing technology education; 3) challenging the competency of the district's financial officer; 4) releasing confidential information to the press; and, 5) recently suggesting possible collusion by the county clerk in her validation of the recall signatures.

Given time and maturity Mr. Knight could well become a positive contributor to the education of the district's students. As a former teacher and high school vice principal, I suggest rather than pushing to make our teachers gun-toters, he spend some time in our city park during school hours, asking young people, near his own age, why they opt for Big Gulps and cigarettes rather than attending class.

In contrast, Mrs. Burroughs has spent many productive years in the classroom and, without remuneration, has spent countless hours providing this community with first-class drama productions. "Service to others" has been her credo. To recall her would be a slap in the face.

Some 38 years ago I wrote a poem about a disgruntled young woman leaving the city of Baker. The last two lines of the poem were: "She stood in front of Levinger's and gave the town the 'bird.' "

Levinger's is no longer in existence but if the 5J voters recall Mrs. Burroughs, I will invite her to give her "hand signal" from the confines of my front yard.

John Heriza

Baker City