Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

School board recall would be a spank, not a slap

The latest flurry of anti-recall letters to the Herald have been interesting. The letter from Mr. Heriza, although well-written and amusing, was nonetheless raw emotion and lack of practicality.

To illustrate: Mr. Knight tried to intimidate Andrew Bryan by suggesting he had a financial interest in the disposal of the old high school. I don't know what Mr. Heriza's definition of intimidate is, but I believe it was Mr. Knight who was censured for exercising his First Amendment right. Mr. Heriza intimates that making such a suggestion is a bad thing. I think that anything like that should be brought to light. It almost sounds that Mr. Heriza would like to just "keep things quiet."

He also claims Mr. Knight promoted an armed faculty while opposing technology education. When I checked the issues, it was a matter of following state and federal law, not teachers packing heat. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people in this town had no problem with that.

Regarding technology, I think Mr. Knight's focus was on wasteful spending on something that many teachers have said they don't need.

Regarding confidential information, I believe it's been well-established it was not "legally" confidential, but deemed so by administrative whim. There's a big difference.

Regarding the county clerk, I think the following words sum up what a lot were thinking: Only three votes short? Mr. Heriza's character assassination of Mr. Knight was clever. He used him as a foil for Mrs. Burroughs, making her appear victimized. I agree that she has done a lot and that her plays are great (although most of the work tends to be done by the actors). Would it be a "slap in the face" to recall her, as he frankly says? Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as spanking a child who got out of hand.

Ultimately, I doubt that Mr. Heriza will need to lend his lawn to Mrs. Burroughs so she can flip off the community. She's been giving the community the proverbial "bird" from the district office for the past three months.

Jason Smith

Baker City

Rummage sale will help women pursue education

The annual rummge sale of Chapter AX of the P.E.O. Sisterhood was a great success. We thank all our customers and friends for their purchases.

The Baker City Herald was so cooperative in informing people of the sale. We appreciate Chris Collins for including us in the local calendar and John Collins for his photograph.

All profits of this sale will be used for scholarships or a low-interest loan for women who are working toward higher education. For details contact Dorothy Mason at 541-523-7642.

Frances Burgess

Baker City