Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Save money for students by avoiding school board recall

In a letter to the editor, Kerry McQuisten writes, "At no time did I tell him" - meaning me - "our recall effort against Lynne Burroughs and Mark Henderson would cost nothing. That's ridiculous and not at all the point I was attempting to make when he asked about my involvement."

When Kerry showed up on my doorstep asking me to sign her petitions, I did not ask her about her involvement in the recall. I've known Kerry for a long time and was perfectly aware that she is the chief petitioner to recall two 5J school board members.

Rather I told Kerry that I objected to the $10,000 cost of the recall. Kerry replied that was not a problem, because there is a special fund that covers the cost. (As Kerry points out in her letter, I have experience with recalls. I knew there was no special fund.) But at the time I did not question her about it.

Now I am questioning.

In your letter, Kerry, you do not deny that you told me there was a special fund. So I ask you now, what was the point you were making when you referred to the fund in response to my complaint about cost? And what fund were you referring to? I assumed at the time that you wanted me to think it wasn't going to cost the school district or taxpayers anything.

I'm happy to now see you and I both agree: the recall election will cost 5J $10,000.

What a waste! Having the patience to wait until the regular 5J board election will save the School District $10,000 that can sorely be used for something more worthwhile than a political squabble.

As John Heriza points out in his letter to the editor, the children are unlikely to benefit from a recall resulting in the ascendancy of Kyle Knight to the chairmanship of the 5J School Board. A result painful to contemplate!

Gary Dielman

Baker City