Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Obamacare: Be careful what you wish for

With the Democratic convention just completed and some of the major platforms established it is time to think through what has been presented, and what was omitted. Just a glance at Obamacare is insightful. During the convention an attractive young woman delivered an excellent sales pitch that included the wisdom and desirability of providing free birth control devices and care to women of child-bearing age. Aside from the fact that there are serious religious and moral issues and that most of the desired preventative devices are already available at nominal cost, this appears to be just smokescreen to divert attention from some of the real "meat" contained in Obamacare that should be revealed to the general public. Care of the aged is such a subject.

Based on information contained in the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor (P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ), Obamacare establishes a system of care that would be controlled by objectives of government not by choice of the individual patient or the doctor involved. For example, citizens above a certain given age would be denied certain care regardless of their ability to pay.

A panel within these "Elder Care Centers" will have final authority over care given to the individual "elderly" in accordance with government guidelines, period. This appears to be socialized medicine at its worst, yet is being proposed by the current president of the United States with enthusiastic support of those at the convention!

Today's young women and others will surely find an appeal in the availability of items and care for which others pay. But each should remember, youth does not last forever. There will come a time, for those who are fortunate, when our fate may be decided by an "Elder Care Center" panel whose duty appears to be avoiding excessive government costs.

The president's proposal is a direct violation of our God-given rights and the law of the land in this constitutional republic. Voice your objections nor or forfeit this opportunity, and ultimately, perhaps your life.

Jasper Coombes


Republicans are out of touch with the middle class

Recent weeks have revealed a sharp disconnect by present-day Republican leadership from average Americans and from reality. Perhaps the most blatant and troubling were statements by their standard bearer, Mitt Romney, at a private fund-raiser in May. "I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility," Romney solemnly pronounced, referring to the 47 percent of Americans who don't pay federal income tax. Mindlessly parroting the distorted talking points of the extreme right wing, he ignorantly dismissed members of the 47 percent group, most of whom are hard-working Americans who have low-paying jobs or are retired.

Why so many low-paying jobs? A massive, but widely unrecognized, redistribution of wealth has taken place in the U.S.A. over the past 35 years. We have lost millions of good-paying jobs to computer automation, globalized off-shoring, and union busting. Wealth production has doubled, but ordinary wages flat-lined, and most of the profit has gone to a wealthy few. And the top marginal income tax rate andndash; which was over 90 percent during the golden years of middle-class growth and prosperity in the 1950s and early 1960s andndash; has shrunk to 35 percent today, along with cuts in capital gains and estate taxes. The wealthy, including Romney, have salted away nearly all the increased profits, while the middle class has lost its buying power.

To set things straight, substantial tax increases on the wealthy would restore fairness, recycle trillions of dollars now sitting idle, and get the economy moving again. But Romney-Ryan offer only shop-worn proposals for even more tax cuts for the wealthy one percent. They say that cutting taxes (and environmental regulations) will bring us "opportunity" and prosperity. But Republicans tried that under Reagan, and tripled the national debt. They tried that under Bush II, and doubled the debt, and it's still going up. Unsurprisingly, the fraudulent Ryan-Romney budget does not even come into balance for decades.

Republicans have hamstrung the country with their ideology and their no-new-tax pledges. I urge my fellow readers to join with the other 99 percent of Americans to reelect President Barack Obama and to elect Democrat Joyce Segers as our U.S. Representative.

Marshall McComb

Baker City

Authors had a great time during Baker City visit

We brought our Crazy Eights Author Tour to Baker City on Sept. 14 and had a stupendous time. Hosted by Betty's Books, eight terrific Oregon authors came on their own nickel to visit your city and put on a literary event which was unique.

We found a warm and hospitable community and a lively audience at the Crossroad Carnegie Arts Center. Each author stood on stage, spoke for only five minutes each, sharing about their writing life and it was marvelous. Thank you Baker City for being the first stop as the tour crisscrosses Oregon with eight venues in all. Rest assured we are telling folks what a grand time we had in Baker City. Don't forget to support your wonderful independent bookstore, Betty's Books, one of the finest in Oregon.

By the way, I lived in Baker City when I was but a lad of eight and my father worked for West and Company mortuary and my very first novel was set in your town. Thank you again.

George Byron Wright


Tips for avoiding a scam on craigslist

Don't be a victim of a scam artist from craigslist. I am hoping on letting people know what to look for when dealing with these people. There are several points that you should look for.

When you try to sell an item for $1,000, there are many people that will send you an e-mail and you think "they can't all be scams" but they are. They will send you a form letter with pretty much the same wording in each e-mail.

andbull; They accept the price

andbull; They never say what the item is, they call it an item

andbull; They will say they can't come see the item

andbull; They will add money to your sale

andbull; They will give you a story of service for our country, volunteers or some sort of disability

andbull; They will ask for their money back or ask you to send money to a shipping company before the check clears the bank for some emergency

andbull; The scammers all have gmail addresses

andbull; They use cashier's checks, certified checks and Pay Pal

Do not give them your information: They could steal your identity

If you do receive a check call the bank and see if it will clear before you deposit it, it costs you for a returned check.

Make sure the check has cleared before sending any money out. The bank takes 10 days or more to clear a check, please wait.

Tammy Hadley

Baker City