Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Still have hope for resolving school board issues

I first have to say that in regards to the "Western Liberty Network" flier, I would have preferred to focus on Lynne's and my vision and goals for our schools. However, we'd been reminded that the people need to understand Kyle's incentives before they decide whether or not to make Kyle board chair.

One interesting event that was left off of the Herald's lawsuit timeline, was Kyle's first instance of leaking confidential information. That occurred in November or December of 2011 when Kyle outed a confidential police investigation into possible gang activity at the High School. Walt, Lynne and myself all explained that this was absolutely inappropriate. My discussion focused on the fact that even though my kids don't yet attend the High School, the safety of ALL Baker 5J students is our responsibility.

As for refusing to amend Kyle's censure, this is also not true. Within 30 seconds of the end of Kyle's censure meeting, I went over to him. I told him that I knew this process had to be hard, but that I'd be willing to meet with him and one of his church leaders to begin the process of working through the censure. This isn't just my word, Kyle documented this in the newspaper, but said I was ridiculing his religion. Funny, I thought I was offering to make the meeting two-against-one. However, now I see why he never wanted to be uncensured - that would have made it much more difficult to sue.

This whole censure and recall process has been unfortunate for all involved, and that includes the community as a whole.

However, I was very impressed with Kyle's behavior at last Tuesday's board meeting. We haven't had such a civil meeting in a year! I thought it was because of the presence of the Boy Scout troop, but after they left, Kyle continued to act in a respectful manner.

So, after all the ugliness, there is still hope that after the recall and the suit, your Baker 5J school board can once again get back to the business of trying to fund and improve our schools.

Mark Henderson

Baker City

What does Romney mean by 'American values?'

I am beginning to get uncomfortable with how easily candidate Romney makes use of the phrase "American values." It entails a whole lot of assumptions.

Does he mean work, marriage, children, a home, success? Does he refer to the integrity of speaking the truth as an absolute? Does he mean that theft or deceit are considered unacceptable?

Do the American values to which he refers include respect and justice for minorities - such as non-Christians, aboriginals, naturists, non-partisan independents, and many others? (You thought I was going to say blacks and Muslims, right?)

If Romney's so-called American values are supposed to address what we all want and what we'd fight for, what we strive for, then, unless he defines his phrase, I'm going to have to assume also - that he has no idea who we are.

Linda Bergeron


Give Romney a chance to turn things around

Several years ago, a relative drove up from California to visit us. But when he got to Winnemucca, instead of heading north on Highway 95, he kept going east on the Interstate. He was going the wrong way, and every mile he drove thereafter only got him that much further from us. He was only able to progress on his journey when he turned around, and headed back this way.

Our nation is going the wrong way in many areas; one is government spending. In the past four years an average of a trillion dollars per year has been added to the national debt. Currently, 40 cents of every dollar that the federal government spends is borrowed. Individuals who spend with that sort of abandon are not good credit risks. Neither is the federal government, and so it has lost its AAA bond rating. Once a nation loses that coveted rating, it takes a decade or more of fiscal responsibility before it is regained.

What's worse, that $4,000,000,000,000 of new debt is being passed on to our children and grandchildren, for they are the ones who will have to pay and pay and pay. Even if the borrowed money is never repaid, they will be responsible for the interest on all that debt. Unless things change, by 2014 the amount spent on interest payments on the federal debt will exceed the total amount spent on our national defense.

If you are going the wrong way, continuing to travel in that direction is only foolishness. You will make progress towards your goal only if you turn around. We as a nation have the chance to turn ourselves around in November. President Obama wants to keep going the way that we are; he refuses to cut spending, saying that things will all work out if we only give his policies more time. This is reason enough to retire the president.

Mitt Romney has promised to make that U turn, and his running mate has a specific plan to bring that runaway spending under control. We should give them that opportunity.

Pete Sundin

Baker City

Obama failed to protect Americans overseas

I know my liberal friends want to distract us all by promoting their "war on women" agenda but the real war continues to unfold before our eyes in the Mideast.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are NOT "bumps in the road" as President Barack Obama has declared. If any one of these brave Americans were your family member how would these comments make you feel?

The president has distanced himself from the murderous events at the embassy in Benghazi; has yet to personally admit to the American public and the world that this was a terrorist attack and not the result of some stupid video; and has yet to address the American public from the Oval Office. Mr. Obama and his administration continue to brag about killing bin Laden as if he, Mr. Obama, personally endured the long, hard dangerous pursuit of bin Laden.

If this administration is hiding the fact they screwed up by not protecting our embassy personnel, what else is this administration hiding from the American public?

Mr. President, you and your administration are responsible for protecting our embassies and U.S. citizens abroad. Mr. President, you have failed!

Brenda Holly

Baker City