Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Re-electing Obama a threat to American gun owners

This nation is in real danger of forfeiting the basic constitutional rights that we take for granted if our president is re-elected.

Our continued freedoms depend largely upon a constitutionally oriented Supreme Court and our Second Amendment right to own guns for personal protection and the defense of our freedoms, both of which are under siege by the executive branch of our federal government.

The two ladies who were last appointed to the Supreme Court both have histories of voting socialistic agendas and hold the belief that the Constitution means what they want it to mean, regardless of the historical intent. If elected to another term, the president will have an opportunity to appoint two more justices who are likely to have similar social values.

The president and his vice president, secretary of state, attorney general and most of his cabinet are right now attempting to find a way around the Second Amendment in order to destroy our rights to own and use guns. Prior to his election as president, the senator supported at least 14 bills restricting access to firearms and to criminalize their use, even in self-defense. Since election he has continued his assault on our Second Amendment rights. For a more complete picture of what the president intends check his web site - change.gov. Gun owners have won the last two Supreme Court decision by just one vote each. If he is re-elected there soon will be no more such wins.

The constitutional freedoms we have in this once great country are hanging on by a very badly frayed thread. Two of the mainstays of that freedom are under full attack by the people we elected to serve us, not enslave us. The Supreme Court is one vote short of becoming an enemy of freedom. Our right to keep and bear arms is being attacked by our own elected officials and the United Nations. Unless we reject our present leadership on Nov. 6 this nation will join Rome in its demise. Now it is truly up to YOU.

Jasper Coombes


Williams has proved himself in the courtroom

Don Williams is running for the office of Baker County Justice of the Peace and I am endorsing him as a candidate for this position. I have known Don for nearly 15 years. Don and my late husband, Keith, worked on many projects together when Don was the program services manager for Powder River Correctional Facility.

I am convinced that both candidates are fair and honest, and they both have established their credibility. However, if you have ever sat in a courtroom and listened to cases being presented and decided, it is very evident that a judge needs to have more than those attributes. Knowledge of the law and experience in administering it is a must. The courtroom is not a classroom, where learning is the primary purpose; it's a place where justice should be fairly imparted, based upon one's knowledge of the law. With 28 years of courtroom experience, Don is far and away the leader in that category.

As a judge, knowledge of and experience in interpreting Oregon law is indispensable. That's why three past attorney judges: our retired Circuit Court judge, and the last two Justice Court judges (all members of the Oregon State Bar), are all endorsing Don. They have had a broad experience in seeing him function in their courtrooms.

I urge you to join with me and vote on Nov. 6, for the most knowledgeable and experienced choice for your Justice of the Peace, Don Williams.

Marilyn Shollenberger

Baker City

Utah paper's endorsement of Obama no surprise

As a former resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, for over 30 years, I was surprised neither the article nor the advertisement concerning the endorsement of Barack Obama by the Salt Lake Tribune mentioned that the "Trib" was the liberal, non-Mormon Utah newspaper. Its endorsement of that candidate was only to be expected. The Deseret News is Utah's conservative newspaper. Hmmmm - I wonder which candidate they endorsed.

Please vote for the candidates who value the sanctity of life including the pre-born, the elderly and the disabled.

Karel Anne Dyer

Baker City

Shouldn't assume which side is stealing signs

I absolutely agree with Ms. Urey that we have the right to express our political views to include placing political signs in our yards. I also agree that no one has the right to go on private property and steal signs. Ms. Urey "assumes" that someone opposing the re-election of President Obama is stealing signs. It would do well for us to remember the very popular definition of the word "assume."

Although Ms. Urey has the right to her comments she has no right without proof to accuse the opposing party. In regards to "current list of lies" maybe it's about time the commander in chief admits his failures and tells the American public the truth about the terrorists' attack on our consulate in Benghazi.

Brenda Holly

Baker City