Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

The stimulus did work - we should re-elect Obama

You've been told that "the stimulus didn't work" - but it did over $3 million of good right here in Baker County! It reportedly funded these projects (some via the state): Adler Parkway $217,064, Birch Street Project $562,024, Road Department $600,000 (with Secure Rural Schools), Dewey Street Underpass $1,485,000, 5J $430,000. With the multiplier effect, working people and businesses benefitted from the boost many times over.

The crash was especially painful due to the bubble it followed. When you prick your finger, it heals quickly. But when you split your shin with an ax, healing takes much longer. It does not matter how much it hurts or how fast you wish it would heal, firing the doctor will not hasten your recovery.

President Obama has been calm, steady, and consistent. Why would we go for a vague "big new plan" from an unproven challenger when Obama's plan is working now and every recovery indicator is moving in the right direction!

And what is Obama's plan? End the wars, grow jobs, invest in America (small business, clean energy, education, infrastructure) protect the vulnerable, decrease the deficit over 10 years.

General Colin Powell, The East Oregonian, and even the Salt Lake Tribune have all endorsed Obama.

The Eugene Register-Guard states: "He [Romney] would be elected president as leader of a party with a retrograde social, fiscal and foreign-policy agenda. If a President Romney tried to temper that agenda, he'd be stymied by the same opposition that Obama has repeatedly encountered. And if a President Romney fully embraced the GOP program of tax cuts, military spending and a shredded social safety net, the country could expect four years of widening economic and social inequality at home and belligerence abroad.

"Obama has neither the wings of an angel nor the horns of a demon. Perhaps after four years Americans can begin to see Barack Obama for what he really is: a cautious and conciliatory man who is by nature inclined to provide centrist leadership. Americans should vote for Barack Obama, and hope that his re-election begins a more productive period in the nation's politics."

Suzanne Moses

Baker City

Buehler would be an excellent Secretary of State

I'm writing in support of Knute Buehler for Secretary of State. Before moving back to Baker City I lived in Bend for many years and got personally acquainted with Knute. We served together on the OSU-Cascades Advisory Board and worked on other community activities. Even though he was very busy, he took time to let my kids, then high school students, job shadow with him and provided great insight into the medical profession. It worked, they are both PAs today.

He is extremely sharp, energetic, creative, open-minded, a leader with great ideas, and someone who will provide ideal leadership in any role. He will be an excellent Secretary of State and provide Oregon with fresh, new ideas. He deserves a chance with your vote.

Jim Carnahan

Baker City

Remembering the past, I voted for Obama

I never thought it would actually happen, but it looks like the presidential election is finally for real. I have voted in many of these events but this is by far the most disgusting of them all, despicable because of the viciousness and depravity displayed. We have much to be proud of in this country, but this sickening debacle sure isn't one of them. In keeping with the adage "If we forget the lessons of history we are forced to relive them" and recognizing the historical fact that most truly great civilizations of history have destroyed themselves, imploded if you will, by means of most of the seven deadly sins, I have to wonder why in the world I would want to return the party back into power who nearly trashed this once great nation so many times.

I too have a business background and I can assure you if I had an employee that was so inept as to nearly destroy any segment of that business, and return seeking that job again I would be hostile indeed to his insanity. Four years ago the administration in power at the time, (Republican) turned over a nation that was teetering on the ragged edge of total collapse to the incoming party (Democrat) and said fix it! A nation of 320 million people in shambles and to think anybody is able to fix that mess in four years is an insult to our intelligence! In 2000 Clinton left a $265 billion surplus in the treasury to Bush who ran that into our horrendous multi-trillion-dollar deficit because of the immoral policies of the unholy Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld triumvirate. The Iraq and Afghanistan war deaths are estimated way over a million, all of this a result of the 9/11 slaughter that they had been warned was in the offing, 3,000+ dead and God only knows how much money that cost. We were lied to on television about WMD to go to war that still continues? I will always remember what they did, so I voted for Obama!

Gene Wall

Baker City

Newspaper endorsements don't all favor Obama

On the Oct. 24 opinion page, Gary Dielman puts forth the typical liberal genre of cynicism and lies. Gary makes it appear in his letter as though Mitt Romney has called 47 percent of Americans "freeloaders," victimized and entitled to government assistance. Although it is true that 47 percent of Americans do not pay federal income taxes and they do lean left, the word "freeloader" was never used (simply the slant the paper wants one to see and Gary wants to push). I wonder if Obama has ever used any political "tactics" to lure "Tea Party" voters? Recently President Obama called Mitt Romney a "bullsh***er." (Now that's presidential.) At one point in the final debate Barry said to Mitt that he was not on an "apology tour" of America when first elected, as Mitt had described him, and that it was all proven wrong and taken out of context and "it was just not true." That was fact-checked extensively ... oh, yeah "apology tour" in fact, in fact-checking truth, Romney wins 70 percent to 30 percent.

I find it really funny how Gary lumps the state of Utah and their left-leaning newspaper and Mormons in the same paragraph and the newspaper (so righteous in its understanding) endorsing B.O. Here are some left-leaning newspapers for you. The Des Moines Register, only the second time in its history, the New York Post, a state in the tank for Obama, the Detroit News, in the heart of auto bailout country, the Washington Examiner, Beltway liberal news, the Orlando Sentinel, all endorsing Governor Mitt Romney. Whoa! Kinda blows your theory on the weight of endorsements. All said and done, Romney will win Utah big.

If memory serves me correctly even in our own little community politics can be pretty harsh. With the school district issues, the county and also the City Council, some things have had to be ironed out. That's politics, I guess.

John Marcum

Baker City

Williams has a record of efficiency as manager

I have had the pleasure of knowing Don Williams for several years. He is a man who has given a lot of hard work to this community restoring agencies that were dysfunctional and at times an embarrassment to Baker County. The Services to Children and Families comes to mind, which was rife with unethical and even criminal conduct.

He quickly restored credibility to the branch and made it an effective and enjoyable work environment for both employees and clients, who then received a level of respect to which they were not accustomed.

Don is genuine, forthright and his experience record is one of efficiency and courtesy as both a manager and jurist. Baker County deserves this level of strength of character, courtesy and efficiency in its Justice Court.

Don Williams is the candidate who is the most qualified to fill the position of Justice of the Peace. Baker County needs such a man of his experience. Let's keep him there!

Bill Lee

Baker City

Government contributes to individual success

Some say individual success is built only on individual effort. The truth is that help was given. As an example we as our government invested in roads, education, water and sewer systems, the Internet, health and technology research and so on to enable individuals to succeed.

Another myth is that the government can't do anything right. As an example, Mitt Romney says that Steve Jobs built Apple Computer. But, the Internet was invented in a government laboratory and developed with federal funding. The computer was first the product of public financing. Even the core technology of the iPhone came from years of government funding and research. Also, some say the private sector is more efficient. But remember, after all the costs are accounted, the big difference is that private companies require profit - not so with the government.

Finally, the idea that the government punishes success is a myth. The chasm between the rich and the rest of us grows ever wider. Mr. Romney criticized the 47 percent saying that they are "takers" who do not contribute. When you look carefully at the tax receipts, people who earn $20,000 to $33,000 pay 10.5 percent of their income in payroll and excise taxes and fees. People who make $450,000 pay less than half that rate. State and local taxes for those earning less than $20,000 equals about 12.3 percent of their pay while the wealthy who make $450,000 or more only pay 7.9 percent. Corporate America cries about the 35 percent tax rate, but Citizens for Tax Justice analyzed the actual tax bills of 280 of America's biggest corporations and found that they averaged paying only half the rate. Thirty of the giants paid zero during the three-year period used. They found that American corporations have the second-lowest tax rate for developed countries.

So, let's thank ourselves for working together (our government) to create a place where individual effort and creativity can flourish.

Bruce Raffety

Baker City

Southwick has served our community well

We are endorsing Mitch Southwick for sheriff. He has many successful years in the law enforcement field and has proven he is the right pereson for sheriff of Baker County. He has the ability to problem-solve and cares about the safety of our community. He is a dedicated family man and active community leader. We have known him for years and know he will continue to serve our community with pride and dedication.

Dan and Renece Forsea