Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Bogart's opponent says mailer's allegations not true

Today (Oct. 24) I was able to secure a copy of an anonymous mailer recently sent out in an attempt to besmirch and slander the reputation and integrity of a very honorable friend, and capable colleague, Steve Bogart. All of the allegations are unsupported by any fact and are patently untrue. I can speak to the facts of one allegation, of which Mr. Bogart is falsely accused. I was a Baker County department head when Matt Shirtcliff was hired. I was part of the interview team that selected him for the position of Deputy District Attorney, and was also party to the decision which was made to discipline him, and encourage him on the path of recovery. It was not a decision made by Steve Bogart.

To say that I was sickened and angered by the text I read in this mailer, is an understatement. In concert with the Herald Editorial Board, I ask you to disregard the garbage penned by this angry and misguided individual, and bring his/her name forward if you know their identity. In the mailer, at the end of his tirade, the writer quotes Albert Pike, an early leader in the free masonry movement. Hopefully the writer will learn to adhere to Mr. Pike's principals, which taught brotherly love.

On a brighter note, please cherish your opportunity to vote, and choose to vote for the candidate of your choice, based only upon the facts, and the individual merits you believe your candidate can bring to the position of Justice of the Peace.

Don Williams

Baker City

Rep. Walden is a true friend of Baker County

I am writing in support of Greg Walden for Congressional District No. 2. Greg has been a strong supporter of the effort of local people to retain public access and use of our national forest through the Travel Management Plan. He was instrumental in getting the Record of Decision pulled back by the previous forest supervisor, as well as working with the Forest Service to help craft a new plan that more closely reflects the economic, social and historical needs and interests of the community.

Greg has a strong history of working across the aisle to achieve maximum benefit for his constituents, and Oregon. This was clearly demonstrated when he teamed with Senators Wyden and Merkley to get the Forest Service to listen to the people.

I ask for your vote for Greg Walden andndash; a true friend of Baker County.

Jan Kerns


President needs assistance from Congress

How many of you remember the Great Depression and what caused it? It took over 10 years to recover from that one. How many people lost their retirement income and jobs as a result of the stock market crash?

Social Security was originated back in 1936 so that people would have at least some sort of income when it was time to retire that wasn't dependent on the stock market. People have always had the opportunity to invest in additional retirement accounts knowing the risk.

How many people still don't have any form of retirement other than Social Security? How many of you have lost a big part of your retirement savings? Don't let them privatize Social Security.

When jobs are sent overseas there are fewer jobs available for those who are looking for them here, which reduces the revenue base and increases the deficit. Wouldn't it be fair to ask those businesses to replace the lost tax revenue?

Governor Romney in the second debate says he will reduce tax rates and establish a deduction pool. He makes no mention of how he will replace this revenue. Whose wallet do you think he will go to, to increase revenue? What credits and deductions will he eliminate? He already said he would not agree to a tax increase on the higher income taxpayers. Do your own math.

The president (executive branch) doesn't control domestic issues other than to make recommendations. President Obama has made many recommendations. It takes the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans (legislative branch) working together to make changes happen. We have not seen this happen with the present Congress. Let's put the blame where it really belongs.

Do we really want to go back to the conditions that caused the Great Depression and our recent Recession?

As a great statesman once said "If we choose to ignore history we are destined to repeat it."

Duane Crampton

Baker City

Herald left out the part about Romney's veracity

You conclude your editorial endorsing Mitt Romney with this curious statement: "President Obama is a good and earnest man. But his record is one of failure.We urge Americans to give Mitt Romney a chance to do better." Ignoring any argument with your conclusion about Obama, what you fail to acknowledge is that Mitt Romney is a consummate liar.

Milo Pope

Baker City

Bogart has much experience in management, budgets

Steve Bogart is the best candidate for Baker County Justice of the Peace.

He has a great deal of experience in management, planning and orchestrating projects, conflict resolution, and budgeting. Steve has dealt responsibly and honestly in every aspect of Baker County and Baker City management. He also served the cities of Vale, Madras, Union and Heppner as city manager. Steve served as a member of the Oregon State Board of Education.

I am asking you to help elect Steve Bogart to serve us as a committed Justice of the Peace.

Sammye Linzel

Baker City

Oregon needs to reconsider elk-hunting seasons

It seems that the bad news for wildlife and big game in Oregon is never ending as is the case in point for cow and calf elk rifle season. Apparently no one in the would-be hunters group or more importantly the regulators of big game laws have considered that elk rut starts in September. This means that by late October as many as 80 percent of the dwindling herds of cow elk are with calf or calves. I wonder if bragging rights are in order for those that fill a tag.

I believe the words "sportsman" or "outdoorsman" need to be redefined and that Oregon big game regulations be re-examined and if a cow/calf elk season need be at all, shouldn't it start before the elk have rutted?

Besides, the few real hunters left take mature buck venison for the freezer. Elk is just for the ego, and skull/antler decals are for the want-to-bes.

Just a thought.

Jim Smeraglio

Baker City