Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Burroughs is dedicated to community improvement

I lived in Eastern Oregon for over 30 years and in Baker City from 1994 until I moved away in 2009. I worked in Baker City, volunteered in this wonderful town, and raised my children there.

Lynne Burroughs is part of the reason my two kids, coming from a family with just a mom trying to raise them, succeeded as well as they did. She taught my kids, guided them, and helped to develop a sense of pride, and self-reliance.

The contributions of Lynne and her husband, Phil, cannot be put into words. I cannot imagine a better influence, or any one person who could have opened the world up more for my children.

This is what it really takes to be a completely balanced person in this life: understanding, adventure, fairness, responsibility, intelligence, sacrifice and embracing the good values from a hometown atmosphere. Giving back to community is always going above and beyond.

I became involved with theater in 1997 meeting and working with Lynne and eventually helping to launch Eastern Oregon Regional Theatre in 2003. I grew in ways I never thought I could thanks to the talent, integrity and intelligence that I found in her.

I cannot speak to her adversary in the recall ... I don't know him. What I can speak to is maturity, wisdom, sacrifice, and compromise.

I have not read anything about him that indicates he has begun to reach or understand that level of life yet. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone should question her dedication to making Baker County a better place.

She could have retired and given up on doing anything good in her community, but she chose to run for the school board and try to make a difference. I wonder how many others would have stuck their necks out to do the same and been able to put up with this unacceptable insanity impacting education in Baker County. If I still lived there, my vote would be 100 percent against this ridiculous and expensive recall. As Shakespeare once wrote, "something wicked this way comes."

Cindy (Vergari) Murphy


It's time to get back to Age of Common Sense

In his 1776 pamphlet, Common Sense, Thomas Paine characterized pre-revolutionary America with his infamous phrase, "These are the times that try men's souls." Those words echo my feelings about the current Board scenario playing out in the local media today. As the son of a father who spent 34 years as a teacher, building administrator and Superintendent, and having invested 31 years in education myself, I am deeply unsettled by the events unfolding in our community. School boards have been an integral part of the American educational landscape for the better of part of a century now. Generally speaking, a school board is an elected democratic body charged with representing the community on public education issues.

I emphasize education issues. It is accountable for and provides oversight of the operation of local schools with powers confined to those delegated to it by the state legislature. Its chief role is to implement state and district education policies. A board is further charged with maintaining a basic organizational structure for local schools, meeting federal and state school mandates, appointing a superintendent, adopting an annual budget, and creating a climate to promote educational excellence. Common sense ostensibly leads me to extrapolate from this, that education is the sole agenda of a school board. Multiple peripheral issues which divide our Board have allowed personal feelings and interests to transcend the interests of our students, educators, and communities. A divisive measure, this recall will not serve the educational interests of our children and this is the Board's mission. Instead, it is time for our Board to amicably resolve its differences, recommit to its leadership responsibilities and focus on fulfilling its delegated mission. Let us redouble our efforts to achieve our collective education vision.

We owe this to our students, the teaching community and ourselves.

Anthony Johnson

Baker School District

Director of Curriculum,

Instruction, Assessment

Vote yes to recall two school board members

We need school board members who are honest, show integrity and good professional judgment, and who understand they serve the public, not the other way around.

We haven't had such a school board in months. Please vote yes to recall (Lynne) Burroughs and (Mark) Henderson.

Alisa Anderson

Baker City