Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Speaking of 'United States' should include 'Of America'

On Sunday, I cringed as I watched Barack Obama take the oath to be president of the "United States." Which "United States?"

For me, it should have been president of the "United States of America." Isn't that what we say when we salute the flag? "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the 'United States of America.' " After all, there are "united states" in other countries in the world, aren't there? Of what country is Obama going to be the president? Well, in utilizing my faithful computer and referencing the Preamble and the Constitution itself, somewhere I found one referral to the words "United States" as the "informal" name of our country. Whatever. For me, I am a citizen of the "United States of America."

Mardelle Ebell

Baker City

I'd be happy to help put up flags on King's day

On Monday, the 21st of January, the weather was quite cold but it was not raining nor was it snowing and the wind was not even blowing but there was something missing on Main Street in Baker City. It was a federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and it was also Inauguration Day. Where were the American flags? If I recall, I have never seen them displayed on Martin Luther King Day here in Baker City. I am sure that putting out the flags in our community is a volunteer job. If the people who do this have headed south for a warmer climate, in January, or are unable to tend to it, I would be happy to volunteer to put the flags out on Martin Luther King Day and I am sure that I would not be alone.

Liz Starkey

Baker County

Where were the American flags on a double holiday?

I was in town today (Monday) and was surprised at the lack of the American flags on display. I thought maybe I was mistaken so tonight I researched online. The premier experts are from http://americanflagfoundation.org. I was right. Flags were supposed to be flown today both for the inauguration and Martin Luther King's birthday. So what happened? Somebody asleep?

Iva Mace

Baker City