Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Gun control no way to stop gun violence

The concept of gun control to stop gun violence is very simple. It's like trying to stop a schoolyard bully by all the little weak kids agreeing that they won't fight back. The concept of Second Amendment gun rights is also very simple. It's like all the little weak kids having the opportunity to walk to school with their big, football-player brothers.

If the idea of gun control to stop violence really worked, we wouldn't want to stop there. We could end all crime by getting rid of our police and sheriff departments and we could end all fires by getting rid of our fire departments. We could also end war by getting rid of our military. How can people honestly think this might work? Where would we be today if, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we had just thrown all our weapons into the Pacific Ocean? We fought back then and as individuals and a nation, we need to fight back now. We need to refuse to be victims. The bad guys have firearms and they won't stop using them just because the rest of us quit. And our self-protection weapons need to be as big and capable as what the bad guys have.

Jim Carnahan

Baker City