Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Caring about schools, or just stirring the pot?

Do Mr. McComb, Mr. Dielman, or Mrs. Moses really care about the school situation or do they just like to stir the pot? After reading their letters to the editor, I have decided they just like stirring the pot and talking negatively about everyone they don't support. I don't personally know any of the three, however I do know a few of the candidates they are bashing on. In my opinion there are multiple well-qualified candidates running for the school board and a few of them have been targets of these three individuals. Do they have children in the school? What is the reason they are bashing several candidates that have children in the school. These candidates want the best for their children and the children of this community.

That brings me to another topic that bothers me. I would like to know if any of these three voted to pass the levy for a new school. Did they support that levy or did they write letters to the editor against the levy? If the community really cared about our kids and their education I feel that levy would have passed. It's my understanding the majority of property owning residents of Baker would be paying approximately $16 a month for a new school. I know Baker City citizens pay a monthly sidewalk fee to maintain our sidewalks, why can't we pony up a few more dollars for our kids? In the words of the late, great Whitney Houston, "I believe the children are our future."

Where are our priorities Baker City? If the citizens of Baker really cared about our kids we would be in the process of building a new middle school. We wouldn't have a problem with adding sixth-graders to an overcrowded and run-down Middle School if we just built a new one. I agree with Ogan and McKim. Why can't we support candidates without bashing on the others? There has already been enough of that on the school board. I say vote for whoever you feel is the best candidate and may the best person be elected.

Bryan Dalke

Baker City

Legislature thwarts local decision on GMO crops

Recently I sent an email to Senator Ferrioli stating I was disappointed in his "yes" vote on Senate Bill 633. What was SB 633? Jackson County wanted an initiative that would allow them to stop GMO crops from being planted in their county. Having a county, city or citizens be in charge of decisions that affect them did not set well with some legislators. We were part of a group that met with Senator Ferrioli before the vote. When the subject of GMO came up. His reply was "I have enough information from two sources. That's not open for discussion." When we left his office, the corridors were lined with lobbyists.

Following is the answer to my email from Senator Ferrioli. "Mr. Miller, I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with my vote on SB 633, but I submit this to you in my defense. Your email to me is of a technical level well beyond the capacity of Baker County staff to interpret. How could they possibly administer a management program that would deal with all the potential applications of genetic modification of agricultural products? Who would pay for such a program of administration? Apply the local control argument to the Center for Disease Control. Would it make sense to conduct epidemiological studies at the county level with the resulting patchwork of response? I think not! Ted Ferrioli."

We exchanged more emails. All the unedited emails are being posted here: www.larryRmiller.com. If I were an administrator or county official, I would consider his reply a slap in the face. To become law, the House of Representatives has to pass their version: HB 3192. If you're concerned about health, your children's health, future generations and personal liberty, contact your representative. Do your own GMO investigating. Be sure you know who funded the research. Here's a good place to start: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/sep/28/study-gm-maize-cancer. SB 633 and HB 3192 go far beyond GMO. If the state overrides local opinion on this, what freedoms and liberties will be next?

Larry Miller


Cassidy has the qualities we want in school board member

We want to include our names to the list of Kevin Cassidy supporters. What our community should seek and expect from a Baker 5J School board member are these qualities:

1. Thoughtful, careful and respectful consideration of all issues

2. Steady and calm demeanor

3. Ability to listen

4. Desire to fix problems, rather than create them

5. Strong support for students, staff and the community

6. Knowledge of budget, finance, and available resources

Kevin Cassidy demonstrates these qualities. We have known Kevin for close to 40 years and can personally vouch for his credibility as a strong, solid civic leader. We are supporting Kevin because he would be an asset to the Baker 5J School Board. We urge you to vote and when doing so, make Kevin Cassidy your choice.

Randy and Joanne Crutcher

Baker City

Abell, Cassidy have outstanding qualifications

Having been public school teachers and a bank officer for over 30 years, we want to express our concern over the upcoming school board election. We urge the choice of Rosemary Abell and Kevin Cassidy for school board members because of their outstanding qualifications.

Rosemary Abell has by far the most excellent educational background, having experience as a teacher, administrator and consultant at the local, state and national levels. This school board needs someone with her expertise and experience.

Kevin Cassidy has the business background and leadership qualities to cover that aspect of school board membership. He is a graduate of BHS and EOU with a bachelor's degree in business/economics, has owned his own company and has worked for ODOT in administration policy and budgetary planning. He has a young son and is active in the Haines PTCO.

For these reasons we strongly urge you to vote for Rosemary Abell and Kevin Cassidy. Their education, experience and integrity would truly benefit the Baker 5J School Board.

Alden Keith Taylor

Nancy Ann Taylor

Nelda Marshall