Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

President Obama tramples on the Bill of Rights

Since the editor of the Herald is a journalist, it is understandable that in his commentary ("Obama's Bad Week A Cornucopia For His Critics") he ranks the Justice Department seizure of phone records from the Associated Press as a more serious offense than the IRS "leaking" information of political value to the Presidents political party. Let us not forget, however, that these are but two of a long series of abuses by the current administration. In "Fast and Furious" the so-called Justice Department violated federal firearms laws by funneling weapons into Mexico. The failure to send needed and requested help to U.S. citizens under attack in Benghazi must rank as one of the most cowardly acts of any administration in our history.

There is one common thread through the many unconscionable actions this administration is responsible for. That is a profound disregard for the Constitution, a document Obama himself has clearly voiced objection to on more than one occasion. et it is a document he swore to uphold and defend. His taking that oath, and then not doing as he promised is consistent with his all-too-frequent deceptive statements and practices.

The United States of America defends its Constitution and Bill of Rights. Dictators trample on such things. For the record, Obama has trampled on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments and that is just since January. Richard Nixon was impeached for actions less offensive, inflammable, unconstitutional and less frequent than Obama's. It is time Congress manned up, did its job, and impeached the would be dictator who holds our nation's highest office. Were it not for his race, I think Congress might do just that. Perhaps Congress ought to recognize that there are many people of color much more qualified than Obama who are very electable as president. Unlike the current president, they are honest and believe in the founding principles of our nation. I would be as proud to vote for any of them as I would be, were I able, to vote for the impeachment of our current pretender president.

Jerry Boyd

Baker City