Obamacare: Propping up the paper industry all by itself

When Liberals want to blacken the reputation of opponents, they often use the Tea Party as their tar brush. We've seen that here recently. But their "tea party" is a made-up strawman and bears little resemblance to the actual group.

It's easy to see why the Tea Party is liberals' favorite boogie man. It developed spontaneously in reaction to the excesses of the ultraliberal Congress of 2009-2010. First there was the hugely expensive stimulus act, which turned out to be hugely ineffective in its stated purpose: reversing the rising levels of unemployment. Our great-grandkids will still be paying for that fiasco. A year later, Obamacare was rammed through Congress on a strict party line vote, despite the opposition of a majority of Americans. Three years later, a majority still favors Obamacare's repeal.

For a while, liberals were holding up the Occupy Wall Street movement as the Left's counterpart to the Tea Party. But most Americans felt far more comfortable with the tactics and goals of the latter group. At Tea Party rallies, a well-behaved group listened attentively to their speaker, then quietly dispersed taking their own trash with them. The Occupy folks turned public parks into trash filled havens for drugs and crime, and routinely got into violent confrontations with the police. They railed against Wall Street with a childish "Life ain't fair!" but their biggest demand seemed to be that the government should pay for their college educations.

President Obama has railed against Wall Street right along with them. However, Wall Street didn't seem to mind the president's seeming apostasy, and donated heavily to his re-election campaign. After all, he has staffed his administration with ex-Wall Street executives. He takes tax money collected from waitresses, plumbers and retired grandparents and uses it to shore up failed Wall Street institutions.

So take heart, you local folks who were branded as members of the Tea Party. Considering where the accusation comes from, it is a badge of honor, whether or not the label actually fits you. It makes you one of the good guys.

Pete Sundin

Baker City

Local singers, musicians put on a great performance

We recently attended the Baker Community Choir spring concert and wanted to acknowledge them with a note of praise and appreciation.

Their performance was excellent, and the theme of patriotic songs was very inspirational, especially after the Boston tragedy.

It was also a pleasure to enjoy the Baker Community Orchestra's performance. We missed the South Baker Children's Choir, but heard they too did a great job.

We thank all the talented singers and musicians who share their many talents with us at these concerts.

Mark and Patty Bogart

Baker City

Winners enjoyed the Mother-Daughter Look Alike Contest

Meranda and I would like to thank the Baker City Herald, Bella and Earth and Vine for sponsoring the Mother-Daughter Look Alike Contest. We had a great time looking at the pictures and voting for other look-alikes. Thank you Bella and Earth and Vine for the wonderful gift certificates, we look forward to visiting your establishments soon. I hope you will consider sponsoring a Father-Son Look Alike Contest for Father's Day.

Shelly and Meranda Christensen

Baker City

Shelly and her daughter, Meranda, were the winners in the Herald's Mother-Daughter Look Alike Contest earlier this month.