Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Businesses need to make their signs visible

I was surprised Mr. Harvey blamed the bicycle racers for "shutting down" his business during the Baker City Classic bike race. I have lived in Baker City for almost 10 years, Mr. Harvey, and I read the paper pretty closely. I did not know there was a bagel store in town. Today I drove in just to see your store. From Main Street as I drove by I saw your store on my second trip down Main. With a sunny day and having to watch the pedestrians crossing the street, not to mention the other cars, your sign on both the window and the eave is dark and almost illegible from my car and I was looking for you. I recall the best advice to a new businessman as being, "location, location, location." I would add for you, "advertise, advertise, advertise" and make your signs more easily read from the street.

Iva Mace

Baker City

Denying climate change runs counter to science

Jerry Boyd is a firm believer in showing obedience to Catholic Church doctrine. (See Baker City Herald letter of April 11, 2012.) If Boyd had lived in Galileo's time, would he have denounced Galileo, as the Catholic Church did, for saying that the Earth is not the center of the universe? Probably.

That's exactly what he does in his letter to the Herald of July 12, 2013, in which he denounces "climate change and green energy" as "scams." Boyd claims he's "looking at the big picture," when he argues against government subsidies to wind farms. That view is decidedly nearsighted, according to the world's scientific community.

The costs to counter human-caused global warming are going to be much more, the longer people like Boyd and Congress keep denying the obvious effects on the livability of our planet. As the Fram Filter man says, "Pay me now, or pay me later."

Jerry, how's the climate down there in the sand where your head is stuck?

Gary Dielman

Baker City

I'm not taking financial advice from the Herald

Being raised in the 1950s the new invention called television became my constant companion and babysitter. I would get up before anyone else in the family just to watch the test pattern. At that time there was a very high moral bar set for television. Most notably in the field of news reporting. Most of the correspondents were well-respected World War II journalists: Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid. These men had hard and fast rules for reporting. Verifying news sources was at the top of the list. It is with this in mind, I'm responding to the recent editorial by the Herald regarding HBC.

At a recent board meeting I inquired as whether the reporter had talked to anyone to verify the facts of the editorial. It was a resounding nay! If the reporter had come to our annual meeting last month he or she would have seen a very well laid out PowerPoint presentation by our president Gene Stackle. At that time we viewed a video that is available on HBC's web site, regarding the historic downtown of Washington, Mo. The national historic downtown program advocates the partnering of nonprofits to preserve historic buildings just as we did with the Ison House.

In regards to the flippant remark about HBC should have just got a credit card to purchase the Ison House. I would like to remind the editorial board of the Herald that it was this type of cavalier attitude towards financing that caused B of A to revoke their parent company's line of credit and force it into bankruptcy.

Personally, I'll take my financial advice from the Wall Street Journal.

Paul Dolan

HBC board member

Baker City

Baker City needs the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally

Another Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally has come and gone. What an amazing weekend for Baker City, especially for downtown. Huge thanks to all the bikers that came and spent the weekend with us. There are still some growing pains with the event, but it's definitely on the right track. Kudos to the Folkestad brothers and Kurt Miller on the rally side, Kate Dimon from HBC, and Police Chief Lohner. A gigantic thank you to my wonderful staff at Corner Brick Bar and Grill who made this an unforgettable weekend. Awesome weekend music on Main Street was provided by The Channel Cats, Bite The Hand That Feeds You, Larry Robb Band, and The Rock and Roll Workshop.

Whether you are pro-rally or anti-rally, Baker City needs this event. Every business in Baker benefits from this rally whether it's in direct sales or after the fact trickle down. Our country is still mired in a deep economic recession. It's an honor to have the bikers come to our town and spend their hard earned money at our local businesses. Please continue to support the Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally.

Joshua DeCarl

Baker City

States might need to split to protect from politics

The left is doing a good job of staying on talking points in the Trayvon Martin case. An innocent young "child" was just walking home and was murdered by an armed racist. This isn't news. It is gossip. Manufactured news.

Let's go back a few years to the Clinton administration when Bill was pushing a gun control agenda. Nineteen children die every day from gun violence he assured us. After a little fact checking it was plain to see that those "children" were 19 years old on average and were involved in gang warfare. There is no evidence that Trayvon was a gang member but he was a long ways from an innocent child shot down in cold blood. The evidence does show that he was armed with a pretty good set of fists and was working Zimmerman over pretty good.

So what's the real story behind this non-story manufactured by the press? It's a rerun of gun control. Remember that Mr. Obama and the left wing suffered a pretty bad defeat in Congress recently with their gun control agenda. There is no doubt in my mind that when I hear them say things like "we will repeal all stand your ground laws" or when Obama says we have to use the Martin case to reduce gun violence that a cartel of Obama, Soros, Bloomberg and others picked this case because they thought they could come at gun control from another angle. Using the British blockhead, Piers Morgan, is part of the agenda.

I'm going to play the prophet here and predict that you will hear gun control and race and mentioned in the same sentence many times in the near future. Eventually you will catch on that separation, state partitions, will have to happen if you are going to protect yourself politically from the left. They already caught on to that in Colorado where they just passed a lot of gun control laws. Erin Burnett ran a story about a move to separate in Colorado. Northern Colorado sounds OK to me as does the state of Eastern Oregon.

Steve Culley