Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Resort Street is a work of art

I'm writing regarding Resort Street. It is absolutely a work of art, and done well, too. It won't need work done over again for a very long time.

I can honestly say I never complained when we had to drive around the park to get to the Dollar Tree or to go through the Baker Garage's lot to get to my pharmacy.

I did, however, get a bit impatient when the drive-through window at US Bank was closed for so long. I did miss that.

Anyway, kudos to the whole crew for a job well done!

Mary Carroll

Baker City

Another view of Historic Baker City

Martin Financial Services is not in favor of the HBC business tax.

We opened our business on First Street in 1994 and have been paying for economic development via HBC ever since - even though Baker has a paid economic developer working at City Hall. We have yet to see any benefit from HBC's effort.

It would have been nice to have been at least visited by one of the many directors in the last almost 20 years to discuss the strategies to promote a business such as ours. It would also be interesting to see any documented economic benefit over the past 20 years that any business has received - if such data exists.

It appears that HBC's efforts are directed to promote retail and restaurant businesses; they are not directed to promote businesses that do not have a tangible product to offer like ours and others who are in the designated HBC area.

Then there are HBC regulations with which a business owner must comply. Regulation is cited as one of the top two challenges (the other one is taxes) that businesses must contend with to be successful. These regulations prohibit an owner from promoting his business as he sees fit - colors, signage and etc. are subject to HBC's regulations.

Any business owner should have the freedom to establish and promote his business to his potential customers however he chooses. Promotional activities of individual business owners should not have to be filtered through someone else's vision. A vibrant economy is a diverse one. HBC's regulations are an unnecessary burden.

If HBC is to continue it should be reorganized as the "Baker City Downtown Retail and Restaurant Association." These are the businesses that are most likely to receive economic benefit from the promotions that HBC does.

However, any business or citizen or anyone who supports HBC's vision for Downtown could voluntarily contribute to its efforts. Voluntary contributions to HBC would affirm or not affirm the effectiveness/popularity of its efforts and promotions with the business community and the citizens of Baker City.

Carol Martin

Baker City

Work of 'good Samaritans' appreciated

Don't underestimate the goodness of today's youth.

Friday, Nov. 8, I began raking leaves in my front yard, when all of a sudden a pickup full of high school students "descended" with rakes over their shoulder, and proceeded to clear and bag all the leaves. I offered to pay them, but they refused, saying they were doing this as a Community Service. What a nice gesture!

THANK YOU to the crew that accomplished the leaf removal task, in short order. The good Samaritans moved on down the street to help someone else.

As everyone knows, Second Street is not shy of leaves at this time of year.

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City