Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Tired of federal regulations, I'm voting for Bill Harvey

I'm ready for a change.

I'm tired of spending all my time attending meetings. If I'm not in a meeting, I'm hopelessly buried in some 1,200-page document from our Forest Service or the BLM.

I'm angered to attend meetings and repeatedly see our county meet the federal agencies with open arms. Come right on in, what can we do for you. Sure, we'll trade a road here or there, in exchange for short-term logging revenues. Sure a few grazing acres here or there, you got it. A few powerlines here or there, playing with a mythical percentage number that fell out of the sky.

The USFS and BLM have delivered nearly 3,000 pages of documents since the beginning of 2014. What are they? Regulations, regulations, and more regulations, all in the name of management. These regulations have, and continue to stall the economic engine that once made Baker County a thriving center of commerce.

Bill Harvey has my vote.A serious conservative approach to local control. Join me in supporting Bill.

Wanda Ballard

Baker City

Warner's expertise helped save our ski area

I would like to ask all voters to support Fred Warner for Baker Countycommissioner in the upcoming primary election.

Fred's many years of experience as a county commissioner have given him extensive knowledge of government in general and the inner workings of Baker County in particular. This knowledge has proven directly beneficial to the county's residents in many ways. One of Commissioner Warner's most significant accomplishments during his tenure has been facilitating the county's acquisition of Anthony Lakes Ski Resort. That exchange certainly would not have occurred without Commissioner Warner's expertise. Anthony Lakes is a great asset to local residents and helps the county prosper in the winter months. Think what Anthony Lakes brings to Baker County's economy: thousands of out-of-town visitors (feeding our economy through hotels, restaurants, shops, gas stations, etc.). How about what the ski resort does for our children: helping kids see the benefit of outdoor activities instead of electronics and allowing them to have quality time with friends and family.

Without Commissioner Warner's experience as county commissioner we would have lost our winter playground.

We should not have political parties. We should just vote for the right person. That is why I ask all of you to vote for Fred Warner based on his vision for Baker County's future and his past performance.

Rick Pignone

Past general manager, Anthony Lakes Ski Area

Baker City

Warner has shown his commitment to county

Fred Warner's commitment to Baker County has been commendable during his tenure as our county commissioner.

His willingness and vision to correct a failed business model, such as Anthony Lakes, is a testimony to the strong leadership and energy that Fred has demonstrated during his service to our county. Fred continues to support Baker County's economy, such as logging on national forest lands. He was instrumental in overturning the environmental lawsuit that was previously blocking a major forest harvest. Baker County voters would do well to recall these successes that have benefited our economy.

Fred Warner has a clear vision of what our county requires to continue to grow in positive directions.

Please join us in supporting FredWarner as the candidate who has the proven ability to serve all of Baker County's citizens.

Bill and Kathy Mitchell

Baker City