Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Pleased to cast my vote for Warner

I have lived all over this country for 80 years, serving her with love and honor. However, in the past eight years our national leadership sails a very slick ship on rails lubricated with greed. We need Baker County to become a bellwether for the rest of mid American and its people. Toward that end, Fred Warner, I will be pleased to cast my vote for your proven leadership.

John Duke

Baker City

Warner is focused on all issues vital to Baker County

This is an emotional letter to write, as I personally know both candidates, but feel that one is much more qualified to lead our county. Fred Warner has proven himself over the last several years as a leader that can successfully work with the local, state, and federal governments on several issues. He has done so with professionalism while keeping the county's best interest in focus.

Our elected officials can't just focus on one or two issues and forget about running the entire county business. For the success of our county, we also cannot allow our local officials to go toe-to-toe with other agencies in an adversarial manner. This will only inhibit our ability to get things accomplished.

Fred is committed to the county long term. If we have someone in this office that is only willing to be in office for eight years, then is willing to walk away, to me, that is not a commitment. I would much rather have the long-term commitment from someone who knows the "ropes."

Please join me in supporting Fred Warner Jr. for Baker County Chair.

Michelle Kaseberg

Baker City

Warner's leadership has achieved much for county

I have been personally involved in Baker County economic development for more than 40 years. We have seen enormous changes in our economic landscape. We have relied on smart and respected leadership to weather those changes.

Fred Warner embodies those leadership qualities. He leads with integrity. He gets results without offending. Most importantly, he is respected.

Fred's door is always open. He makes sure every voice is heard, not just a select few. His perspective is based on results - not slogans. Fred does not rely on partisan politics. He will not leave the table in anger, but he will keep Baker County "in play" at all levels.

It is this leadership style that: 1) balanced the budget for 12 years, 2) consolidated county services and successfully managed a 130-member county staff, 3) leveraged $20 million for road improvements, 4) fostered strong relationships with Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Greg Walden who were key to Ash Grove's retention of 100 Baker County jobs, 5) spearheaded efforts to keep Anthony Lakes operational and employing 50 people, 6) jump-started stalled negotiations with Idaho Power resulting in more than $1.5 million to Baker County and, 7) anchored a successful, ground-breaking challenge on Snow Basin resulting in 50 million board feet of timber to be logged over the next five years.

That is what I call real economic development.

Smear tactics are not impressive. They do not reflect what Baker County citizens are about. I was born and raised here. I raised my children here. Baker County is far too important to me to allow this type of behavior to be our calling card. We are better than that.

I am proud to give my full support to Fred Warner Jr. for Baker County Chair.

Randy Guyer

Baker City

Warner isn't getting job done; vote for Harvey

There has been some conjecture as to whether or not Mr. Warner's timing in regards to the windmills near Huntington was politically motivated. I hope not, and I would like to doubt that idea. So, instead, I will choose to believe the other option, that his untimeliness was a matter of being lackadaisical. We must not be apathetic. We must be proactive and remain one step ahead of any state and local government entities that would lay claim to our lands.

Yes, we need to work within the laws and regulations which exist, at least until we can get them changed, but we must also challenge those which we find to be onerous and unfair.It is imperative that we be knowledgeable about the laws and regulations, so that we might be able to stand and fight to maintain, and, yes, to take back control of our BLM and forest lands. This requires a committee chair who studies the laws and regulations, who understands, and properly interprets them, and, who continually meets with our people to understand our needs and desires, who has the ability to coordinate with government agencies, and, above all, will stand tall for Baker County.

How much time do you need, Mr. Warner, to coordinate control of our lands? Our forests have become tinderboxes, what with all the brushy undergrowth, deadfall, and debris onthe forest floor. We don't have a lot of time, we need to take care of this quickly, and soon, before our forests burst into flames.Then we would be in a fine pickle. If that happens, then where will we be? We won't have our forests anymore. All we will be left with is the ability to say to the government, "See, we told you so."

The person we need for county commission chairman is Bill Harvey. He loves Baker County and will work hard for all of its residents to bring about a much-needed economic development - in timber, agriculture, mining, and business. We need a county commission chairman who has a fire in his belly for the betterment and prosperity of Baker County. Bill Harvey is this man.

Carol Dyke

Baker City

Harvey will stand his ground with state, federal agencies

Baker County is a great place to live. As Baker County residents we are fortunate to have weather that doesn't threaten our livelihood (for the most part), we live in communities where friends and neighbors help one another in need, and there are so many other great reasons to be grateful for where we life. These are things we don't want to change, but change can be good; like in our government. An important election is approaching us and we encourage you, as voters, to be open-minded for a change in our local government.

Bill Harvey will make an excellent county commission chair and we urge you to vote for him. As a local business owner for years he knows what it takes to keep a business alive and prosperous. He knows how county government should operate in the best interest of the public and he is enthusiastic about how he can better our county to further its prosperity and survival. He is willing to stand his ground with state and federal agencies in protecting private property rights and local lands, and he is willing to listen on how he must best serve our county.

All county, state and federal entities should have term limits; two terms. However, we appreciate the service of all elected officials. You can never please everyone.

Give someone else a chance as commissioner chair. We urge you to vote, and tovote for Bill Harvey.

Dan and Renece Forsea


Disappointed with Harvey campaign's tactics

I am disappointed that Bill Harvey and his supporters have decided to resort to desperate negative campaign tactics. I am offended by his invasion of my home with big city recorded phone calls. I am angered by their personal attacks on Fred Warner and his family. I am tired of all of the baloney and can't help but believe this is how things would be should Mr. Harvey be elected. Mr. Harvey, we don't do things that way in Baker County.Take your negative campaigning back to California.

Charles Hofmann

Baker City

Harvey won't try to thwart local woodcutters

Everyone who depends on wood either for a living, or for heat needs to read this next paragraph, and decide for themselves if the Baker County was protecting our historical, cultural traditions. This was taken right out of the Baker County's alternative:

Wood getting

Guaranteeing access for woodcutting is a "win-win" situation for the residents as well as the forest service. A cooperative working relationship between the Wallowa-Whitman forest, Baker County government, and the local residents needs to be designed whereby the designated areas for wood getting would be assigned on a "movable" basis. It should be evaluated yearly, and the boundaries moved as the supply is depleted. This would give the benefit to the locals of always being assured a good, and readily available, supply of wood; while it would also benefit the forest from being cleaned up of dead, downed and dying timber that is tinder for raging forest fires.

Baker County, under the direction of Fred Warner, submitted this alternative to the Forest Service for the Travel Management Plan (TMP).

If the Forest Service would have selected the Baker County alternative we would be living with this right now.

After the decision came out on the TMP, how many of you people would trust the Forest Service to be in charge of opening up new areas to go get your wood? Does this sound like a plan you are willing to live with? Does this sound like any Eastern Oregon county? Maybe that's why only a small percentage of people on Baker County's TMP committee would sign the County's alternative.

Bill Harvey would never have agreed to give away this cultural, historical tradition. Be sure to vote!

Tork Ballard

Baker City

Warner has been outstanding manager of county

I encourage you to vote for Fred Warner.He has done an outstanding job of managing the business we all call "Baker County."

As a former budget board member, I know for fact that he is intricately involved in developing a balanced budget.Even through the recession, he has kept our county within our budget.

Fred knows how important it is to work WITH the state and federal government. He knows who to contact and educate them as to what is best for our county and why. Fred know that working together for a solution is best.

I see Fred engaged in the community at many events emceeing, auctioneering, fundraising, encouraging and participating. He enjoys being involved and feeling the pulse of our county.

Your best choice for County Chairman is Fred Warner!

Kate Rohner

Baker City

I'm voting for Warner and Bennett for county

My personal insight into both Fred and Mark comes as a citizen and as a former public official with a working relationship. Both bring a wealth of experience both in serving Baker County and its citizens, and a record of time-proven accomplishment that includes balancing budgets and services.

Both have a record of outstanding public service. This reflects both their high personal standard, and countless hours they spend being as informed as possible and in touch with the needs and opinions of those they serve, before going to solution.

They have strong listening skills, patience and respect for all opinions, and the knowledge to take the extra time to seek solutions that last. This differs from the more common expedient quick fixes that sound good, may be politically advantageous, but do not stand the test of time.

Both are also well versed on natural resources, and have extensive experience to draw on. Of particular significance to me, is their understanding in seeing economic considerations as particularly important, but doing so with social factors, proper land management and other resource values in mind. And I think they each understand the importance of recreation today and to the future of this county, and the special assets this county has in this regard.

Perhaps the most significant attribute they each offer is their knowledge of the importance of and record of investing in working relationships as a part of governing. This allows a base of cooperation and communication from which to work from in exploring solutions to issues. And it is a good preventive for a common illness in government called divisiveness.

It is for these reasons of experience, knowledge, leadership, integrity, success and high public service standards I support Fred Warner Jr. as Baker County Commission Chair and Mark Bennett as Baker County Commissioner Position 2.

Richard Haines

Baker City