Chris Collins
The Baker City Herald

Warner is the commission chair I'll hire on May 20

I am voting for Fred Warner Jr. for Baker County Chair.

Every four years, the residents of Baker County use their vote to hire the job applicant they believe is best suited to manage the business of Baker County.

This election year, we have two applicants for Commission Chair. So, we have to ask ourselves: Who is best qualified to fulfill all the job requirements?

Fred Warner Jr. understands the entire job description. He has the proven management skills to handle the county's budget, roads, emergency services, infrastructure, and public health systems.

Fred has proven he can successfully negotiate with city, state and federal agencies on all county issues - not just a few single-interest agendas. From the private property rights of landowners to the access of public lands, Fred Warner, Jr. protects Baker County.

In many job vacancies, there is more than one candidate. The employer or voter must examine the experience, the achievements and the reliability of each applicant as it relates to the actual job requirements.

Fred Warner Jr. has my vote. He is level-headed. His management of the county's business has been excellent.His county staff is professional. He has kept this county in strong financial shape. He will not isolate Baker County from the decision-making table.

I am a Baker County Republican and I am proud to be voting for Fred Warner Jr. He is the job applicant who will keep this county moving forward on all fronts!

Diana Brown

Baker City

Warner has worked hard to make the county better

We believe it is time to step up and question the lies and half-truths that have been coming out during the County Commission election in Baker County.

We believe that if the only way one can run a campaign is to slam your opponent with innuendo and false statements, then shame on all of you who are pushing this propaganda. All one needs to do is look at Fred Warner's record as County Commissioner to see that we have an effective and efficient government.

Of course, everyone will not be satisfied with all he has done, but he has always worked for the best interest of Baker County.

We have lived and raised our family in Baker County and have seen the increase in government regulations, the loss of our timber industry and our economy crushed. This is not the fault of our County Commissioners.

What they have done is keep Baker County solvent while other local governments are going broke. The Commissioners and especially Commissioner Warner have worked hard to battle the federal agencies and to keep roads open and increase our timber harvest. We have worked with him on Sage Grouse issues and many water issues and know that he is an effective advocate for us.

In our business, "if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it". We are lucky to have a Commission Chair like Fred Warner and his fellow Commissioners who have worked hard, represented us well and have made Baker County a better place to live. Join us in keeping Baker County a great place to raise our kids and retain Fred Warner Jr. as Baker County Commission Chair.

Connie and Gordon Colton

Baker City

Connie Colton is Fred Warner Jr.'s sister.

Gary Dielman's Japanese stories were 'top-notch'

Thanks for printing recent installments re: Japanese in Baker City.

Gary Dielman's writings were wonderfully informative. He wrote not only in-depth of early Nisei in our community, but also included comprehensive coverage of local Japanese who served loyally in World War II Armed Forces.

The names he wrote of were familiar to me, having attended Baker schools in the 930-1940 era when all of us simultaneously sought education. I continue to correspond with those of Nisei heritage, 72 years after graduation from Baker High School. Several Japanese students returned post war for class reunions here.

I'm grateful for Dielman's sharing his time-consuming research and factual writing. I consider his contribution "top-notch" journalism.

Phyllis Badgley

Lifelong Baker City resident

Warner's favorite color 'still' blue despite party change

Apparently Fred Warner was told he could not win the election running as a Democrat; he did the politically expedient thing and changed parties. This followed the example of Wayne Morse, who went the other way.

It bothers me that a person can thrown his core values to the wind and assume those of others. Then a friend of mine told me that the only core values that Democrats have is to win, at any price. Maybe Fred learned this from our present president.

I thought it interesting that even though Fred became a Republican he maintained his favorite color, blue. (All of his campaign signs are "still" blue.) I wonder if this is a secret message to his Democratic supporters, that he has become a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

Maybe that is why over 200 Democratic supporters of Fred have thrown their core values to the wind and have chosen to became Republicans in Name Only (RINO). Possibly they are holding fast to their one core value: Win, no matter the cost.

Jim T. Eidson

Baker City