Are you Q'd in?

February 16, 2005 12:00 am

We've heard stories of customer service above and beyond the call of duty, about employees or owners of businesses who reach out and provide a service for which mere profit is not their reward.

An auto body shop opens up on their day off to get stranded travelers back on the road. Or a service station manager takes charge of a couple's travel trailer while they rush home in a car to tend to an ailing relative.

But often these heroics fall more under the heading "random acts of kindess" than "standard operating procedure."

And it is the latter where consistently competent customer service can pay dividends not just for a business, but for a town.

That's where Q Training comes in.

Thanks to a grant, for a limited time business owners can get their employees "Q" certified for just $5 per head. If you want to train enough employees, the trainers will even bring the training to your workplace.

Q Training is a common sense investment for any business with contact with the general public. But it is designed specifically by Oregon tourism officials to aid businesses serving folks visiting from out of the area.

Whether you work in a service station or as a server in a restaurant, adding value to a customer's experience by being able to provide a better answer than "I dunno" can pay off for your business and community.

If you manage or own such an operation, call 856-3356 and get Q'd in. Please.

Because we've heard the stories, too, about the shopkeeper who brays on and on to the couple from Boise about how nothing's been right since "they" did this or that with Miners Jubilee.

Or worse: The group of little old ladies who told the hotel desk clerk they were headed out to see the town and got the sassy response, "See you in five minutes."

We don't want to hear those stories anymore. Baker City and County are a fabulous place not just to live, but to explore as a visitor.

Tourists don't want to hear about picayune disputes or provincial politics, or be greeted by a vacant stare. They want an insider's advice on what not to miss and how to make the most of their stay.

We think Q Training can help.