SNOPARK PERMITS: Where you need them and how much they cost

December 26, 2006 12:00 am
You need one of these to park in a Sno Park in Oregon or Washington. (Baker City Herald file photo).
You need one of these to park in a Sno Park in Oregon or Washington. (Baker City Herald file photo).

There are three types of sno-park permits:

An ANNUAL permit costs $15, and is valid during the sno-park season, Nov. 15 to April 30. On average the state sells about 59,000 annual permits per year.

THREE-DAY permits cost $7. This is the least-popular type of permit, with an average of 3,800 sold per year.

A ONE-DAY permit goes for $3. This is the most popular type of permit, with about 97,000 sold in an average year.

Drivers who park in a sno-park without displaying a valid permit could be fined $30.

Permits are available at all DMV offices (3370 10th St. in Baker City) and at many sporting goods stores and ski areas, including Ski Anthony Lakes. Private vendors can add a surcharge to the basic permit fee. Ski Anthony Lakes, for example, adds $1 to each permit fee.

ANTHONY LAKES — at the ski area 34 miles northwest of Baker City

CLEAR CREEK — about 7 miles northwest of Halfway on the Fish Lake Road

DIXIE MOUNTAIN — Along Highway 26 between Austin Junction and Prairie City

STARR RIDGE — along Highway 395, 16 miles south of John Day

IDLEWILD — Along Highway 395, about 15 miles north of Burns

FOUR CORNERS — Along Highway 244, about 20 miles east of Ukiah

SALT CREEK SUMMIT — Along Forest Road 39, about 28 miles southeast of Joseph

TOLLGATE/LANGDON LAKE/MILEPOST 20/MORNING CREEK/MILEPOST 22/SPOUT SPRINGS — all in the Tollgate area along Highway 204 north of Elgin


OREGON TRAIL-BLUE MOUNTAIN CROSSING — 1 mile south of Interstate 84 at Exit 248, near Meacham

MOUNT EMILY — Along Forest Road 31 about 6 miles east of Meacham

FERGUSON RIDGE — About 10 miles south of Joseph

CATHERINE CREEK — Along Highway 203, about 14 miles south of Union

HUDDLESTON — Along County Road 62, about 22 miles east of Prairie City