Wind farm wrecks Baker's vistas

October 17, 2007 12:00 am

To the editor:

I guess it was not enough to ruin our views during the day, so the group in charge of the Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm, Horizon Wind Energy, took it upon themselves to ruin our views at night as well. Each windmill now has a red light attached to it, so that every two or three seconds, Baker County's once inky black nights are interrupted by a bright, red flash of light on the northeastern horizon. The pristine views in Baker County have always been one of its greatest assets. Not any more. The landowners and the planners of Union County who approved this eyesore should be ashamed of themselves. You have single-handedly destroyed one of America's finest horizons, one, which I would like to point out, you cannot even see.

According to the web site of Horizon Wind Energy, the project in Union County, when finished, will generate enough power to energize 30,000 homes in the northwest. But the last time I checked, there are about 16 million people living in the Northwest. The Web page also lists many of the benefits that the wind farm will provide for Union County, like a huge tax infusion and other economic rewards, all from a project that is not viewable by 99 percent of Union County's residents. Baker County, on the other hand, just gets to look at it. Thanks! It would have been nice to have been included in a debate over this project. It would have also been nice if Baker County was included in some of the benefits listed on the web site.

That sure would have been the neighborly thing to do. I wish that some remote part of Baker County bordered La Grande's city limits. I wouldn't mind erecting huge white poles with red lights on them so you could all see how beautiful it can make a valley. Enjoy your windfall!

Brian DePhillips