It's time to endthis madness!

October 30, 2007 12:00 am

To the editor:

I read Mr. Burgess' ads and letter to the editor. I think it's time to share some facts.

In 2005 the Zimmerman Architects report recommended that we build new. Mr. Burgess discredited their report saying that that architectural firm was not qualified to make judgments about remodeling. He asked the school board to talk to the very experienced Boise based Hummel Firm. The school board complied and asked the Hummel Architects to come to Baker.

In 2006 the Hummel Report recommended that the school district build new. Mr. Burgess again discredited this report saying that their investigation was not long enough to make a good decision. He suggested that the school board hire a qualified architect with a background in historical renovations for an in-depth, "apples to apples" comparison between the proposed new building and remodeling. The school board complied and hired the Modus Firm for $50,000 to do the apples to apples investigation.

In August of 2007, Mr. Poe from the Modus Firm reported that it would cost the district $29 million to bring the two historical buildings up to the same codes, site standards and energy efficiencies of the proposed new building.

The school board has extended every courtesy to Mr. Burgess. They have answered his every wish and whim. How has he repaid them? He's repaid them by not supporting any of the studies that he personally requested. It's time to end this madness!

Here is the bottom line. If you want a sound educational program in the middle of town, in remodeled historic buildings, be ready to pay. The estimated cost is $29 million. The same program in a new building is $21 million. The school board's decision is research-based and deserves our support. Vote yes on Measure 34.

Marsha Smith

KIDS political action

committee chair

Baker City