Let's get busy with our schools

November 15, 2007 12:00 am

To the editor:

The voters are in. The message was clear: No new school. My thanks to those who wrote clear, concise, helpful and positive letters.

I voted no, but my vote seems to have been misunderstood. Do I care about our children? Yes! Was money the main issue? No! Do I care about our historic city and its buildings? Yes! Do I think time and money have been wasted on trying to convince me to change my mind, or that I am wrong? Yes! Are we going to wait years and be worn down and drained of more funds before something is done? I hope not.

We have two buildings in a great location that have needed work for some time. If they need to be improved and updated for the health and safety of our children, let's get busy.

Sonja Lambeth

Baker City