Know who you're voting for

January 16, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

I'm sure many have noticed the attacks on Christianity today. It comes from people who believe they know more than God himself. Some even think he doesn't exist. What a shock you are in for. Some come from elective people in power, from Hollywood with anti-Christ movies. The one that really upset me is this so-called church that calls itself Baptist but preaches nothing but hate, also demonstrating against our men and women in uniform who protect this country, saying "God hates them."

As a born-again believer, I would like to know what Bible they read. Their gospel sounds more like the Koran than the Christian Bible. This is what happens when you are led away from the truth and don't study for yourself. God hates no one. Any other teaching is false. God hates sin, not people. It's time to attack all false teaching and satanic lies and bring the truth of the real gospel to a hurting world.

There is another fight coming up. Gun owners and hunters, you had better know who and what you are voting for in this presidential election. Hillary and Obama both want your guns. Both are F-rated by the NRA. Gun control will be a priority. Hillary wants to restore the Bill Clinton gun ban, wants universal firearm registration and gun owner licensing. Methinks Billy is running for a third term. Obama wants just about the same thing. Pelosi, Schumer, John Conyers. . . . all F-rated (by the NRA) Democrats, all on same team.

Being fair, there's one Republican who has been in favor of gun control also. All the time Giuliani was mayor of New York, he was pro-abortion and anti-gun, which makes this writer think he may be a liberal in conservative cloth.

In closing, please use your knowledge of a candidate when voting, not like or dislike them personally. Because we all count on you.

Richard Fox

Baker City