Livestock and wolves don't mix

January 29, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

Great. Another invasive non-native in Northeastern Oregon. This time wearing a collar. Been here for weeks and still nobody has called Idaho and told them to come and get your problem child. We do not need or want the livestock losses or deer and especially elk predations you, Montana and Wyoming have been suffering ever since the wolves were reintroduced there. Instead ODFW is rubbing their hands together and saying, "Oh, goodie," another apex predator to mismanage, and every tree or bunny hugger in the Willamette Valley is going "far out," the perfect excuse to complicate the economy of Northeastern Oregon in the name of "protecting."

History repeats itself and nowhere in history has the wolf and livestock successfully co-existed. Wolves ain't stupid — they aren't going to chase an elk miles and hours when they can catch any beef or dozen sheep within 100 yards and have a full belly in 20 minutes.

In every state and across Europe where the wolf was exterminated the reason was the same: They don't mix with livestock. It doesn't matter what the Animal Planet would like you to believe — in real life wolves and livestock do not mix.

Check the figures from the game departments in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. See how many elk and beef and sheep and deer it took to feed them. It's not going to be the Eugene or Portland bunnyhugger that loses those critters or revenues.

Before we make the same mistake it's time to contact our elected officials and demand this and all other wolves be sent to Idaho with the loud and clear message: Keep your problem in your own state.

The people living in Eastern Oregon deserve protection from the negative financial impact the wolf will be.

Paul Schwarz

Baker City