City shouldn't raise rates

January 30, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

The City Council wanting to raise water and sewer rates is ridiculous! They just did one year ago.

Don't you think it is time to go back to real values? Why should the people of Baker City pay big city prices? We no longer are a large populace.

Have you looked around to see how many homes are empty? But building in the six digits is still going on. Where do you builders expect the people to come from? Are they productive or retirees?

This is not Portland, L.A. or Seattle. We are not responsible for Council folly in spending too much for a new or refurbished meeting room that is only used two times a month. You have made it look like Portland, etc., and we are a small community, daily getting smaller.

Think, Baker City! Isn't it about time to eliminate some of the bogus positions we pay for and get a real government in office?

People say we have clean water and a great system. So why in the spring is there mud and junk in the water? There is enough to clog a filter system and the city won't take responsibility for this. It is time for a good shake-up.

Sherry Buxton

Baker City