Don't hire lawyers to run government

February 05, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

The founders of our republic wisely attempted to create a government of laws and not of men; but what we got now is a government of lawyers.

Lawyers are trained to argue, not to rule. If you have ever witnessed a congressional investigation in progress you will find there is no length to which a lawyer will not go unless there is a judge to keep him in order. It is the function of a lawyer to go all out for the client who pays him his fee, so when he is elected to office he does the same for his constituents or the party to which he belongs, or to gain his own ends. Remember, if it is not his idea or it will not benefit him, he will argue against it. This is what he is trained to do.

After many, many years of this sort of government, the law has ceased to be a code by which we live by, but has become a game by which men make a living. We make and break more laws than any other people. We forget that the true function of government is to administer justice without fear or favor to all. We forget that the United States is really a giant business affecting millions of people both here and abroad, and should have at the helm qualified businessmen, not a group of attorneys whose sole purpose in private practice was to get rid of other people's troubles or misfortunes.

Think on this: If you owned large business and needed a CEO or general manager, would you hire a lawyer or a man or men who had proved themselves in the business world? I at one time was employed by a large livestock corporation. You can bet it was not managed by attorneys, but by knowledgeable, capable men.

John Smith

Baker City