School money, alcohol don't mix

February 22, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

Wednesday's paper tells us that accountant Scott Martin met with the district school board and complained that Superintendent Ulrey had used the school district's credit card to buy alcohol and food for the board staff members.

(Editor's note: The Baker City Herald published a correction in Thursday's issue, noting that Ulrey paid cash for the alcohol and food, then was reimbursed, from district funds, for the purchase).

One does not have to be an accountant to know that district money should only be used for legitimate school purchases. And one does not have to be a Puritan to believe that the superintendent should not ply the staff members with alcohol before important meetings where they might discuss important subjects, such as whether or not to build a new school out on the very edge of town.

Carl Kostol

Baker City