More to Rev. Wright's message

March 31, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

There has been a great deal of talk regarding the preaching of Obama's minister. Rather than denounce his words, I think we should all be listening to the Rev. Wright and applying his words beyond the single issue of race.

There is a lot that is good about our country. Our democracy remains strong. Our government mostly works. Our people are basically good. But do you sincerely believe that God smiled down on Abu Ghraib? Are you proud of Guantanamo, where hundreds are incarcerated, without legal recourse? We build prisons and send our children to private schools, rather than invest money and effort into improving the public school system. There was an editorial in our newspaper regarding the dangers at Hanford, where we knowingly allow a dangerous problem to become worse.

Many of us are like parents who refuse to hear criticism of our child. Or more closely, like the ancient Israelites, who rejected those prophets, telling them that they needed to mend their ways.

I don't have the moral fortitude to attend the church that Obama attends. However, I am not such a fool as to enjoy the blessings God has given and claim to deserve them. We have much, therefore much is required of us. From another perspective, we have much to lose, if we refuse to learn and take care.

Marilyn Hereau

Baker City