Who's the city trying to fool?

April 01, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

Who is trying to blow smoke up everyone's tailpipe? My street was only plowed two times after cars were getting stuck in the middle of a paved street because of snow accumulation. Only once last year. Main was kept clean, but someone must be getting extremely greedy.

As for a new middle school, building in a flood zone — at least I heard — that's illegal.

As for raising water rates, Baker City hasn't grown in many years and all residents all know any extra won't be saved to be used to put new lines in.

As for people who drive in the passing lane — aka "left lane" — it is in the driver's manual that the left lane is a passing lane only on four-lane roads — aka "not for long-distance travel" — unless signs state otherwise.

This reminder to all police: They are supposed to be the role models at everything they do, not act just as crooked as those they bust.

P.S. Enforcing all laws includes arresting and deportation of illegals.

Carl Koontz

Baker City