Can't get past Walden's moat

April 17, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

On the issue of renewable energy, Brian Cole writes to praise Congressman Greg Walden. Mr. Cole may be right about that issue. He goes on to say that the Congressman "is highly informed and works hard to serve our best interest."

There was a time when Tom DeLay, Republican of Texas, was the House Majority Leader. DeLay was and is ethically challenged. Republican Congressman from Colorado, Joel Hefley, was chairman of the House Ethics Committee. Hefley had an abiding sense of ethical responsibility. The committee was evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Hefley signed off on three admonishments of Mr. DeLay for unethical behavior. DeLay replaced Hefley with the more agreeable Doc Hastings of Washington and engineered a change in the system which would render DeLay immune from further committee scrutiny.

To my point: I wrote, e-mailed and called Congressman Walden about that charade, objecting, asking questions, pleading. I could not get past his moated wall. On that occasion he was not informed and he was not working hard to serve our best interest.

Milo Pope

Baker City