Hunting's not worth the price

May 02, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

Due to ODFW's failure to regulate predators, large portions of the Chesnimnus elk populations here in Wallowa County have moved out into the private ground known as Zumwalt. All this ground is posted, and unless you have more money than sense, don't go there because ODFW law enforcement is heavy and they will prosecute you for trespassing.

Fingers of Forest Service land blend into private ground and this is where the elk stay just close enough to open ground and safety that it's a short run from predators or hunters. If you are in need of meat in this time of criminally high prices due to the oil crisis, you will be better off to buy a beef or hog from a local rancher instead of paying the price of a tag, gas or diesel, tires, groceries and then not being sure of getting meat.

At least with a rancher you get something for your money. This from an ex-hunter with 55 years experience in this one hunting unit.

Paul Morehead