Walden to blame for payments loss

June 23, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

We actually lost county payments when Rep. Greg Walden voted twice for Bush's lavish tax cuts for the rich. It was not, as my fellow reader suggests (June 19), because a recent pay-as-you-go scheme failed.

As a reward for his lockstep support for Bush policies, Walden received a "Hero" award in June 2006, from government-hating Americans for Tax Reform. ATR has a "starve the beast" strategy to shrink the government so they can "drown it in a bath tub." Walden has voted their position 93 percent of the time.

In accepting his "Hero" award, Walden said, "There is a fundamental principle at hand: no one knows better what to do with your money than you." Well, now that the rich folks have all that money back in their pockets, who's going to volunteer to step forward and pay to maintain our county roads?

My fellow reader says she is grateful for Rep. Walden. Not me. This November, I'm voting to save Baker County and our wonderful country. I'm voting for Noah Lemas for Congress.

Marshall McComb

Baker City