It's time for a Leo Adler statue

June 26, 2008 12:00 am

To the editor:

With the observance of Leo Adler's birthday, I'm once again reminded of my desire to see a statue constructed of him, and placed, preferably in the front yard, of the Adler Museum on Main Street.

Tourists enjoy looking at the fine furnishings of the restored home, but wonder, who was this man? I would like to see a metal statue of our hometown philanthropist to enhance the memorial connection. It would be a historic eyecatcher at the Museum for tourists, as well as a reminder of Leo's generous contributions that have benefited all local citizens.

With a local foundry now in our midst, it could be possible to see an Adler statue project develop as an undertaking for service clubs, grants, or other fundraisers utilized in our "can do" community.

Phyllis Badgley

Baker City