Powder River Pistolettes club hands out awards

By Baker City Herald October 30, 2009 11:58 am

More than 50 members of the Powder River Pistolettes club received marksmanship certificates during a season-ending awards dinner Oct. 23.

Sponsored by the Powder River Sportsmen’s Club, the Pistolettes formed in May after Buck Buckner, a certified pistol instructor, proposed women-only shooting sessions twice a month at the Sportsmen’s Club’s range at Virtue Flat east of Baker City.

During the events, participants shoot to qualify for the National Rifle Association’s various handgun proficiency levels.

The Pistolettes also had “fun days” when they shot at balloons and steel silhouette targets, as well as practical defensive shooting scenarios.

During the awards dinner, 29 members received Marksman First Class certificates, 18 completed Sharpshooter requirements, and four earned the more difficult Expert rating.

Hope Buckner received the top trophy for .22-caliber rimfire shooting, with an average score of 99 out of a possible 100.

Ann Barth was second with 93.9 points, and Pam Barnes was third with an average of 92.

In centerfire shooting, Julie Brackin finished first with an average of 97.6 points, followed by Wendee Morrissey with 97.3 and Lisa Fuzi with 96.

Julie Kerns of Haines received the “most improved shooter” trophy.

The Pistolettes will resume shooting in May. Anyone interested in joining the club, and who has completed a firearms safety or handgun class, can call Hope Buckner at 523-1609 for more information.

The Pistolettes membership includes many women who have finished the NRA Basic Pistol or Personal Protection courses put on by the Sportsmen’s Club during the past several years.

More than 200 women have finished one or both of those courses.