Letters to the Editor for July 15, 2011

By Baker City Herald Readers July 15, 2011 05:38 pm

Has U.S. lost its blessing?
To the editor:
When President Obama was campaigning for president in 2008, I realized when I saw the issues he was supporting, that I could not vote for him.
In the past two and a half years, he has proven that his main ability has been to spend our nation into bankruptcy. Also elected members of our government seem to be unable to work together for the benefit of our nation.
God tells us in His holy word that when a nation turns away from Him and no longer seeks His will and guidance, or obeys His commandments, He will no longer bless that nation. Have we now reached that point in time?
Joanna Mollert
Baker City

Rogue tomcat runs roughshod
To the editor:
Several of us in the Miller-Mitchell-Colorado neighborhood have experienced problems with an orange and white, unneutered, apparently feral tom cat attacking our cats, especially the neutered or spayed ones. This pretty but overly aggressive tom has cost our companion animals a great deal of suffering in physical pain and anxiety. He has cost us collectively hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills for our animals. Baker City does not have a chapter of the Humane Society, to live-trap this tom. Today I spoke with Chief Lohner of the Baker City Police Department. They are willing to help.
So first of all, does anyone know where this cat lives? Does he have a family who is unaware he is terrorizing other animals? Does anyone know where he feeds?
The Police Department will lend the neighborhood a live trap, and once the tom is safely trapped, take him to a veterinarian where he will be held so he can be claimed or adopted (and neutered and his shots given) unless he proves vicious or incorrigible in which case he will likely have to be put down.
If anyone has information about this cat, please phone me at 541-523-9469, voice mail if I cannot answer.
Thank you very much for your help.
Marnia He Sápa
Baker City

A great evening of music
To the editor:
Tuesday evening many Baker City folks had the treat of attending a “SingSongCycle” hosted by Bill Cunningham at the Quail Ridge Golf Course. Brian McIntyre’s singing was a joy to hear. Many thanks to him for entertaining so many of us with his wonderful music.
I would also like to thank Billy for hosting all of us. To sit outside on a pleasant evening and not only enjoy the music but to relax with the view of our beautiful golf course. What was really great to see was most of the folks that attended were not golfers.
Many thanks to Billy and his staff.
Kathye Corn
Baker City